How to Make a Video Aspiration in 108 Easy Takes.

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Dec 11, 2011
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I am in love with the 100,000 Aspirations project!

So many people are putting complaints and demands out into the world, I was excited to see a group focusing on positive intentions.  As wonderful as it is to write them down, I think the videos give a personal voice to the aspirations.

It seems so effortless when you see the other videos. Waylon made a video aspiration a few weeks ago. Jessica Durivage, Diane Ferraro, and Jennifer Cusano  of Where Is My Guru made videos, and started asking when I was going to make one.

So I thought to myself, “This is great! It will take me a few minutes, and then I’ll see which other elephant writers have made them, or want to, and make a super-fun post about it!”

I hope that this encourages other elephant readers and writers to do their own aspirations. If you decide to go the video route, I learned a few good rules to making a video aspiration…the hard way.

Rule #1: Familiarize yourself with iMovie before you try to make the video.

Rule #2: Think through what you are going to say ahead of time.

Rule #3: Seriously. Think it through. Maybe even jot it down.

Rule #4: Have a nice drink of water and clear your throat before you get started. (Also, skip the headband.)

Rule #5: Don’t be afraid to get a little silly if you are having trouble with rules 1 – 4.

I’m never afraid to look ridiculous if it will make even one person laugh. Even if I am that one person. I have been known to trip and fall on purpose or burst into song to lighten a tense situation.

Rule #6: Keep it simple, sweetheart.

In the end, simplicity won out. To what do you aspire? World peace? Compassion towards your neighbors? Paying your bills on time? Making it through a 30 second video without laughing?

Whatever your aspiration, take a few minutes and share it over at 100,000 Aspirations.







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Kate Bartolotta is a wellness cheerleader, yogini storyteller, and self-care maven. She also writes for Huffington Post, Yoga International, Mantra Yoga+ Health, a beauty full mind, The Good Men Project, The Green Divas, The Body Project, Project Eve, Thought Catalog and Soulseeds. Kate's books are now available on and Barnes & She is passionate about helping people fall in love with their lives. You can connect with Kate on Facebook and Instagram.


9 Responses to “How to Make a Video Aspiration in 108 Easy Takes.”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    Kate! You made me laugh for the day! Thank you! This was funny and sweet. Looove you. Making mine soon. Need to figure out my camera or get another one. Still laughing about the singing part. 🙂 You're the best!

  2. Thanks Andrea!! I had been singing it earlier in the day (always singing something) and was getting silly after so many failed attempts!

  3. #youknowhowIfeelaboutthis #love

  4. hehehe! Thanks Bubbles! #orshouldisayyoyo ?

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  7. Chris Grosso says:

    "Oh shit, I did it again." This video made me laugh out loud. Thanks Kate!

  8. Hahha! Thanks Chris!