December 28, 2011

More Than A Resolution.

More Than A Resolution

It’s that time of year… make your resolution.
Determine the course of your life… now or never.
If you don’t you’ll be left the same as you were before… never changing… really… it can’t be so?

Is the new year simply a new resolution… or is there something deeper we have to know?

To resolve means we haven’t reached our intention, or, that we are creating a new intention; it means we are striving to meet and reach an ideal.  We are striving to be something we are not yet.  This is why resolutions must be understood as temporary.

The real goal of any resolution is to one day move beyond the resolution you have created for yourself.

The ideal we hold is why we resolve to change our actions, thoughts, and hence current situation; this is accomplished through an accumulated force of will meant to propel us in a new direction.  Today propel onto a new path and internalize the resolution; doing so means it fuses with your every waking and sleeping moment.

Resolve only until it becomes a part of your nature then drop the resolution.

HawaH (Tulum, Mexico)

More than a resolution, the intention must be to change the very nature of our being, therefore, making us congruent with whom we strive to be.


Resolve to accept yourself for who you are.  Remember: no one is ever perfect.  Accept the dynamism of change.  Experience a growth which cannot be calculated.  Situations do not remain the same and as the environment around us shifts, we must open to transform the resolutions once needed and made… for even they shall one day become obsolete or counter-productive.

Resolve to not be disappointed, overly critical or difficult upon what you do and have done.
If we fix upon a goal and don’t reach it we lead ourselves to disappointment.

Dynamic resolutions assist in preventing this occurrence.
Static resolutions do not.

Accept all the good and the bad… accept that which you cherish and that which you despise.
Move into a space of acceptance; release from self-judgment.
Guilt is not healthy, instead embrace change and create alternatives.
Move past the limiting idea of failure.  Move into a constant state of embracing every moment…
and then become open… to all experiences… open to all that arises and passes.

Look at yourself.  Discover your fears.
Understand your faults. Reach for the zenith and don’t be afraid to fall.
Fall down.  Stand back up.  Embrace falling, it is necessary to learn walking. 

Challenge even your resolutions, hence reaching awareness of self.

Avoid causing the self pain by sticking to a resolution that may no longer be relevant.

As the conscious intention penetrates into your being, resolve to not blindly cling to resolutions without understanding their meaning; instead, embrace your true nature through awareness of who you are… the change sought is dependent on self-realization.

The change is dependent upon acceptance…

Internalizing it so that it becomes more than just a resolution.

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