Not Disappointed in President Obama.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 1, 2011
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Yes, He Can.

By Jake Lamar:

On October 8, 2011, Democrats Abroad France held an event titled “Voices for Obama” at the Nikki Diana Marquandt Gallery in Paris. One of the speakers was the American author Jake Lamar. This clip is a shortened version of his talk. (Recorded at the Atelier de la Main d’Or, October 2011.)



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9 Responses to “Not Disappointed in President Obama.”

  1. David Atlas says:

    This is really good. I needed to hear this. Thanks.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Troy A. Cooper This guy couldn't BE more out of touch with reality! Ha! He did make me laugh though… 🙂

    Jeffrey Lehman Spot on. This one deserves to be shared widely.

    Jennifer R via This won't be popular, but there are many things in Mr Lamar's words, that are poignant.

  3. Mark Ledbetter says:


    Nah. He promised he and the Dems promised they would continue what Bush and the Reps gave us: bombs and bailouts. You can't be disappointed in a guy (or a party) for doing what he promised.

    Now if he had promised us peace and no bailouts, then I'd be disappointed.

  4. will says:

    Extra-judicial killings, expanded use of drones and deep bows to those who gave us our great recession apparently are now a part of being an anti-war / progressive, wow. Apperantly Frank-Dodd and the UN now are Obama too. Enjoy those empty calories from Obama. Peh.

  5. Andréa Balt says:

    Whether you are disappointed in president Obama or not, this was an eloquent, uplifting and inspiring defense. Impressed by Jake Lamar.

  6. pink gas says:

    I almost voted for Obama. I am thankful that I did not get swept up in the theatre of it all.
    When will people realize that buying in to the false right left paradigm is the same as arguing over coke and pepsi. Sure, one is sweeter than the other, but they both will kill you in the end.

    This is the president who would force you to buy a consumer product. Who after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize expanded the wars into four more countries, extended the patriot act. . .
    And my favorite, will not veto the indefinite detention bill that passed this week, allowing for the U.S. military to arrest and detain citizens on American soil without any charge because the U.S. is now legally defined as a battle field.
    Oh I forgot about the all Wall Street cabinet. Just look at what they did before he hired them.
    Come on folks, it is time to stop defending a system that is intentionally broken.
    Elephant or Donkey, they are in it to control the public and inflate the super rich, whether they know it or not. Not the 1%, but the.1% that we need to worry about.
    Please stop clinging to ideology and study some history,
    Washington is professional wrestling, how else would Rick Perry be considered a legitimate candidate?
    The government is not your friend.

  7. I voted for Obama, and will again. I loved Lamar's speech…so encouraging! I think many people are so caught up in what is still broken or difficult, that they forget to celebrate everything that he's done. Imagine how things would be if we had McCain & Palin in the White House right now! Frightening!

  8. pink gas says:

    Kate, nothing major would be different. Except it would be more obvious how screwed we are.