Oh Wow, It’s Just What I Wanted!

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Dec 13, 2011
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 It’s the thought that counts, but what were they thinking?

It’s time. Start practicing in front of the mirror. We’ve all gotten at least one gift like this.

“Oh, hey! Ummm…what is this exactly? Ohh, a make your own sausage kit?”

“Errr…Wow!  You know I was just thinking I wanted a clown face tapestry. I just needed a second to think where I should put it.”

“Gloves! Wait…but they’re just fingers? Ohhhhh, yeah, I get it. I think?”

Personally, I have no poker face at all. If something is going on inside my head, it’s immediately visible on my face. My favorite gifts are simple and homemade ones or gifts to a cause I support. If you give me a sweatshirt with appliqued unicorns on it, I will probably have a case of present face, but still be very grateful that you thought of me. (Actually, I will probably laugh and wear it ironically.)

Garfunkel and Oates always make me laugh. I like to think of these guys as their male counterpart.


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3 Responses to “Oh Wow, It’s Just What I Wanted!”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    I hope you're ok with me commenting on all of your posts Kate. I just love you too much. 🙂 Gloveless fingers? Seriously???? I've been waiting for those my whole life!

  2. Always love your comments!! And try I not to miss any of your either!! Love you!! (I'll see if I can find you any "glingers" haha!!)