Photos: BFF Yoginis Nichole and Amanda.

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I’ve worked with both Amanda and Nichole in the past—they are wonderful human beings and passionate yoginis. I did a photo session in September for all the teachers at the new studio where both they and I teach, and at that gathering they met for the first time ever. Unbeknownst to me, they immediately became BFFs. Three months later, I’m doing a session and at the last minute the models are all canceling. Literally that morning I’m reaching out trying to find people to fill the slot (Argh! Already paid for studio rental, equipment rental, etc.) and they both agree, neither knowing the other is coming. They meet in the hall outside the studio door – instant energy as they both realize they get to be there together. It was a great great shoot.








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About Jim Campbell ~ OmLight Photography

Jim Campbell is a yogi, photographer and engineer in Boulder, CO, where he tries to see Yoga in a Whole New Light at OmLight Photography. Follow his regular shoots at and his OmLight Blog. Jim teaches in Boulder at The Little Yoga Studio. He has a particular interest in helping men discover yoga and teaches a mens-only Tight Guy Yoga class at The Little Yoga Studio.


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  2. Love the photos! Come to Columbus for a photo shoot!!

  3. Jim Campbell says:

    Thanks Hannah! I'd love to.