December 21, 2011

So It’s Money You Want?


 Let’s be honest. We all want money. Whether for necessity or pleasure, we all fancy the finances. More simply put, money is on our minds.

Often times the desire for fortune is put down in the community of spiritual seekers. Tainted with negative ideas of guilt and corruption, the ever-allusive greenback seems to gather in the pockets of the filthy and falls short in the hands of the pure. Associations of greed and renunciation spoil the spoils of those who attain material success. Prosperity today has been hijacked by heinous half-truths. Yet, these cynical connotations of capital couldn’t be more deceiving.

Prosperity is the birthright of the spiritual student. In these times of Los Angeles today, London tomorrow, the definition of spiritual seeker has been relocated from isolated cave to integrated society. During this transition, societal concepts like money and careers have come to importance. To support the search for meaning, the modern day, urban yogi has to make a living.

However, this living does not need be modest. In fact, it should be extravagant. The spiritual warriors of today are doing great work on the planet, championing the cause of expanded awareness and a greater state of universal existence. This task is by no means worthless. For aligning with such selfless goals, the spiritually inclined are bountifully rewarded.

Both spiritually and materially, prosperity is given to those who ask. Often times us yogis, myself included, ask for the consciousness, but forget to inquire about the finances. By asking, one will receive. And by receiving wealth, one honors their royal divinity.

As a student of Kundalini Yoga, I follow the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West. Of his numerous lessons, he spoke frequently about the cosmological right to a life of prosperity. He once said: “Make no excuses for your desire to be prosperous; it is a divine desire that should be given divine expression.” For him, living a life of exterior wealth was merely a reflection of the inner riches of the soul. One who was pure and connected to the universe enjoyed a life of abundance. At the same time, he preached that a life based on materiality would not produce true happiness.


In so many ways I agree with this. Those uplifting the world are doing invaluable work and in turn they receive the means not just to continue down their path, but also to continue down it in royal fashion. In fact, the foundational concept of royalty as service to the people was the basis for the wealth of the king and queen. Their selfless actions brought about material prosperity, often offered to them by their subjects. This of course hasn’t been the story for quite some time, where ruling and acquisition have been based on other concepts, but the timeless concept still applies. Even the highest chakra, the gateway to the universe, is named the after the crown and is colored in royal purple.


The ancient concept of renunciation is over. To be heard in this world, the spiritual seeker must portray an aura of royalty. The idea that people on the path to enlightenment must renounce all material wealth is just not applicable today. Our dharma has brought us to a path of concrete, tangible existence. To do spiritual work today, we must live successfully in the temporal world. Being poor was so last yuga.

As the dedicated spiritual student you are, you deserve to have money. This is not to say you do your ethereal work for the compensation, but rather that your contributions to the world do not go unnoticed. Now that we understand the concept of money, I have a little gift for you.

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, we are big on sound currents and mantras. We use them to align with specific universal frequencies. One of these frequencies is the vibration of prosperity. The best mantra for this is actually called a pauri, or stanza and it comes from the Sikh devotional prayer called japji. Recited in Gurmuhki, the Bahuta Karaam pauri has brought me unbelievable prosperity. The affects are best if chanted, but all you have to do is listen to it. Leave it on when you sleep or play it in the car. I gave it to my father, the most scientific-minded person I know, and after getting promoted and then getting hired by an awesome new job, he swears by it. I’m not usually one to openly promote these sorts of things, but I feel it would be covetous if I didn’t. Give it a try and see what comes your way.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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