December 19, 2011

Spinning the Mystery: Ever Felt Like a Carnival Act?

Ever felt like a carnival act?
In particular, the one where a human specimen
balances plates on sticks above their head?
If they’re really adept,
they’re balancing on one foot,
riding a bike,
or reading a book.

The other day I pulsed with spiritual wonderment.
Once again pondered the breath of Divinity
and it’s mysterious infusion through life.
At the same time,
I ran the woods with my dog,
sat in silent meditation,
and ate yogurt and bananas
to the sound of my swallows.
I walked grounded through the day,
while my internal antenna
connected to dimensions unknown.

I was present in every action.
I hopped tangled roots on the forest trail.
I sensed my resistant belly release on the fifth meditative breath.
I felt my banana mush perfectly inside my cheek.
And at the same time, I spiraled through the cosmos.
My eyes soaking up deeper hues of black as the void extended on…

And as moonlight tiptoed across drawn lids,
my third eye opened to her….
that dazzlingly woman spinning plates
while balancing on one foot.
She wore a magnificent smile.

I asked her, “What calls you to spin plates?”
An internal voice answered back.
“These heightened senses and kaleidoscope lenses yell out to play.
Instinctive devotion to their reality creates this magical craft.”

My eye lids joyously fluttered affirming her words.
“Spinning plates” while grounded on earth
is my most balanced state.

Moments later the ringmaster pulled back the veil for a peek.
“Step right up! Step right up!
Watch our Jeweled Lady spin plates in her sleep.”

Alexandra Folz, MSN

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Read 5 comments and reply

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