We’re the Divine Losers.

Via Mathew Gerson
on Dec 27, 2011
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“The truth is that we are losers. You make enough fuss that you attract the real forces down on you. And then you have to hide. We’re always gonna be in the minority, and we’re always gonna lose. We’ve always lost, all through history. We’re the divine losers. And I keep inviting all these young, smart people: ‘Come with us. Lose with us. Lose beautifully. We are not meant to win.’

“If we had triumphed like we thought we were going to in the ’60s, we would have become assholes like the rest of them. There’s something about winning that makes you an asshole. When you’re a loser, you have to scuffle and you have to keep your head down. The meek ain’t gonna inherit shit.”


~ Sage advice for Occupy from a master provocateur, Ken Kesey


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