Why America Needs Tim Tebow’s Faith.

Via John Joseph
on Dec 12, 2011
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America needs Tim Tebow.

In the midst of a deep recession, a national mood of cynicism, a farcical election campaign and a supposed apocalypse in 2012, Tebow inspires.

Before watching his magical 20 yard touchdown run to beat the New York Jets in the last seconds of the game, I could have cared less about the Denver Broncos and their anemic season. Tebow’s flagrant proclamations of his faith in the media and on field demonstrations of piety have inspired both ridicule and awe on a global level: see tebowing.com.

I’m sure God doesn’t care if the Broncos win or lose, but Tebow’s evangelical zeal has given him unwavering faith in himself. He is neither arrogant nor egotistical and with Tebow at the helm, Denver has won 6 of its past 7 games. Sports pundits across the nation have scratched their heads in disbelief as a quarterback with terrible mechanics and a low pass completion percentage continues to win games against formidable opponents. Of course, if he were losing, he would simply be the laughingstock of the nation.

Karl Marx wrote that “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” When I think of evangelicals, Ted Haggert of the New Life Church comes to mind. His relationship with a drug dealing male prostitute exposed his true hypocritical nature. I think of crazed humans speaking in tongues awaiting the rapture to save them from this earth filled with sinners.

But faith in a higher power channeled into service to humanity has given us our most iconic figures. Preacher Martin Luther King catalyzed the civil rights movement; Mother Teresa served God in the form of the the most destitute human beings; Gandhi harnessed his profound faith to free India from British Colonialism.

Tim Tebow merely passes a football. He’s no saint, but his purity of spirit in raising the level of his team’s play, despite the obvious flaws in his game, make him an inspirational leader.

As the recession churns on and America’s zeitgeist plummets further downward, the powerful optimism of a young quarterback is worth paying attention to.


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9 Responses to “Why America Needs Tim Tebow’s Faith.”

  1. Joe Sparks says:

    The sport industries are directly exploitative of, and damaging to, the men who participate in them. They actively exploit men of color ( especially black and Latino men in the US) as profit-making devices for professional team owners and sports-equipment manufacturers. In addition, they create and support models of greed. They prey upon and manipulate the econnomic desperation of young males in lower-income communitie, encouraging an irrational consumerism based on manipulated " loyalties" and symbols.Sports are presented as " the way out" of poverty for many young males, ignoring the development of the complete person in deference to the athletic performance, taking the "best" and discarding the rest. Even the "chosen one" are themselves discarded as soon as they no longer serve their function as audience-drawing athletes. The huge amount of money involved in major professional sports is used to justify men destroying their physical and emotional health.

  2. Colin Hall says:

    I'm looking forward to Tebow being caught high on ecstasy with a drug dealing male prostitute and Ted Haggert in a public washroom at a roadhouse outside of Denver.

  3. Holly Burgess says:

    Tebow is awesome in every way.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Appreciate, Joe! I'll ask the author to respond.

    I've previously blogged about his anti-abortion stance. I too wish Mr. Tebow would offer a Chrstianity about compassion and love and less about judgment and evangelicism. ~ W.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    From http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal :

    Diane Engster I've always liked Tim Tebow's style of playing football and enjoyed following him in college. I don't really understand what all the hype is about since he led his college teams to stunning national championships. But, I do separate his ability to play football from his religion and genuinely hope that America doesn't emulate his faith. His faith is no more valid because he wins football games than another's faith who may be unemployed, in foreclosure and homeless. Jesus never promoted this kind of display of faith in his time and he certainly didn't choose the equivalent of millionaire professional football players as his disciples and followers. Tebow is a talented, charismatic, and entertaining leader but this doesn't make him any more faithful than a single mother making minimum wage and trying to make ends meet and raise her children in the inner city. In fact it may be her kind of faith that is needed much more than Tebow's.

    Holly B: Joe, did u know that Tebow's mother chose not to abort him after doctors shared with her that her placenta was not growing as it should. Tebow was born severely malnourished but survived the odds. Why do his morals bother u so much? Abortion is murder. Have u seen pictures of babies with their heads ripped off, or torn from limb to limb. Or have u heard about babies in utero being burned to death with saline and kicking until they slowly die? its horrific!!! Tebow is a saint in my eyes. The courage it takes for him to share his beliefs is too rare.

    Jesse Katrencik Isn't living your life surrounded by and preaching to disciples an extremely public display of faith? For me he's more inspiring as a home schooled kid and football competitor than as a Christian. That he kneels down while the kicker works isn't that special?

  6. __MikeG__ says:

    Nah. There are many people who are less than impressed with Tebow shoving his religion down other peoples throats. What the US and the rest of the world really needs is an end to magical thinking.

  7. Greg Eckard says:


  8. […] as I watched him play for my team, I began following his news coverage and listening to what he had to say. Something began to change in […]