December 21, 2011

Yoga Will Improve Your Sex Life!

“Yoga will improve your sex life,” I said as a last ditch effort to convince my father-in-law to take a class. As I said the words, the truth of these basic words echoed in my head. Why do we shy away from this as we describe the benefits of yoga with increased clarity, reduction of injuries, connecting more with the earth and people, stronger muscles and improved flexibility. These are all nice benefits, that cover up the real story here, you will start having better sex. You want me to spell it out for you? S-E-X!!!

Yes, you will learn to breathe (we have all been in the class with the orgasmic breather – some people take breathing too far and that is…well awesome). Yes, you will tone your muscles and even more exciting, get in touch with your kundalini power (once again that is… well awesome). As you become more aware of your physical space on the mat, you will listen to your teacher telling you to take your practice “off the mat” (and you will immediately apply proper fortune cookie reading form thinking to yourself – “and into the bedroom”). All of your practice building heat inside of your body, will come to fruition as you achieve longer, bigger and better orgasms due to your yoga practice (open up your mouth and let out all of your air ahhhhhhhhhh). Yes, Yoga Will Improve Your Sex Life!

Let’s face it, the best things in life are not free. Yoga classes are expensive, yoga clothing is very expensive and all of the accessories from mats to blocks seem to get greener and cost more green every day.  Yoga demands an hour or 2 daily, this is a huge time commitment we willingly make. Yes, you have even upgraded your eating along the way to organic locally grown/raised sustainable and seasonal food. Why? Better sex more regularly? PRICELESS!!!

Look, I can’t make any guarantees here. But when the word gets out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube – that students who come to your class are having better sex more frequently, your classes are going to be packed (and we all know what packed looks like). Can you just tell everyone about the mind blowing multiple orgasms you have weekly due to your physical strength, cleaner living and higher levels of conciousness? No, you have to use code words in your status updates. “Bliss Practice tonight – 6:00pm see you there.” “Hot Yoga – Get Sweaty Today 11am.” “Hip Openers – Friday Night at 7pm!” Yes, we have gotten very good at selling sex and yoga, without even realizing it (although the title and theme of this article are very intentional).

I don’t care if you tell everyone about the AMAZING sex you have been having since you started doing yoga, or keep the secret to yourself. What I want is for you to start sharing yoga with your community on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and YouTube. Use the tools you have been given as both a student and a teacher, educate your friends, family, co-workers and random strangers about the “benefits of yoga.” If each one of us brings one new person into yoga in 2012, our community will double in size (and more people will be having better sex). More importantly, you will change someone’s life – forever.

5 Easy Ways For You To Turn Someone On (To Yoga) In 2012

  1. Share an article from Elephant Journal on your Facebook Page. There are great articles, share a new one every week!
  2. Tweet an inspirational quote, better yet Re-tweet a link to a great article! If Ghandi was alive today, I’d like to think he would remind you to “Tweet the Change You Wish To See In The World.”
  3. Connect to the person on the mat next to you on LinkedIn.
  4. Share an awesome yoga video, o.k share one every week!!!
  5. Blog about yoga and share the transformation you see happening right in front of your eyes.
The above ideas are actually a lot easier than telling everyone how amazing sex has been for you recently. Either way, I hope you see the idea is to share what you love with more people. Take the basics above and be part of the social movement happening now. It has never been easier nor more important that we have the most effective tools to communicate with. Be More Social In 2012!
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Read 2 comments and reply

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