January 30, 2012

10 Romantic Things You Can Do for Your Partner.


Romance isn’t just about flowers and jewelry. Here, family and couples counselor Joe Elliott gives 10 easy tips for maintaining partner relationships. ~ Lorin.

‘I will give you a love potion without drug or herb or any witch’s spell: if you wish to be loved, love’ ~ Hecato

  1. Look for any opportunity to take on a small task or chore for your partner.  Your partner will have more time for you and will appreciate the value that you see in their** work.
  2. Share with your partner examples of beauty.  Explore nature and art together.  Develop conversation about what you both think is beautiful.
  3. Carry a photo of your partner with you at all times. Remind yourself of how important they are and show them off to your friends and acquaintances.
  4. Find one of their funny habits and tease them about it.  Show them how attentive and preoccupied you can be with them.
  5. Tell your partner about the things that they did early in the relationship that made you fall for them.  Make sure they know how important they were to you even early on.
  6. Ask your partner to let you give them a bath, brush their hair or help them get dressed.  Show them that you love their body and want to help them take care of it.
  7. Learn about your partner’s friends.  Work to create a support system for them that will sustain them when they are not feeling their best.
  8. Talk about their accomplishments in front of their friends and peers. Show them that you see and appreciate how hard they work to reach their goals.
  9. Ask your partner to put together a list of ways that you can surprise them.  The list can include breakfast in bed, planning a mystery date, or securing tickets to a much coveted show or performance.  Make plans in secret to make these surprises come to life.  Give your partner subtle hints every now and then to build their sense of anticipation.
  10. Take on a task that your partner feels the need to control.  Ask to drive their car, cook for them, or shop for their groceries.  Do your best to show them that you can handle these things with attention and skill.



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Prepared for Elephant Journal by Lorin Arnold


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