January 15, 2012

10 Things I Learned at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference: Day 1.

In which I spend 7 hours on the divine feminine with Shiva Rea, and then Waylon and I go exploring.

1. Bees are a sign of the goddess. Because we ladies are always makin’ honey.

2. Durga is the goddess of battles, struggles, difficult, truthful self-exploration, and transition. We are moving out of this cycle now atmospherically (winter Equinox) and many of us who are in there can call on her to help us be warriors.

3. Saraswati, goddess of the river, reigns over the subtle current of change that embodies the sweetness of feminine power and beauty, and indicates a subtle change to come (as the sun slowly comes back into our hemisphere, new hope and possibility springs up, and we don’t know what to do with it yet).

4. You can get connected to the goddess by “dipping into the river,” as Shiva says it, or just swaying your body a slight bit to one side so you start to circle a little. You can do this at office meetings. While waiting in line for the bathroom. When someone is arguing with you. No one will notice.

5. It is a good idea to stand with your legs wide and your arms out and imagine you have the hugest boobies of time. Even if you have itty bitty titties. Also, Shiva Rea is one of the funniest yoga teachers I’ve ever seen. It is an even better idea to then close your eyes and pass your hands all over your body, especially your itty bitty titties.

6. It is okay to be a woman. In fact, it’s a good thing. Jewelry, feminine skirts, things that flow, help us be connected to the goddess power, Shakti, which lives in all things, regardless of gender.

7. We are tired on our periods. Wait, I knew that. I learned: when men ejaculate, it’s like a mini-period. That’s the time to cuddle them and let them rest, just how you’d want to be treated during your time of the month. Right guys?

8. Femininity has been a little demonized in our society, and many women (and men, really) have felt “masculinized” by a society that values movement, activity, forward (thrusting!) motion, sharp angles and straight lines. Like in architecture. We need more women drawing curved lines in architecture. It will change our whole worlds.

10. If you walk nearby your apartment in a foreign city without knowing where you are going, you will probably find strip clubs. If a woman bearhugs you in the street, it’s because she wants you to pay her to dance naked with her. But she’s got Saraswati down, so you could learn something from her (even if you don’t go in).

Bonus point #11: “The couple that plays together stays together” according to several sources (strip club bouncers who saw Waylon and me walking together). So you know that one’s gotta be true.


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