A Mockery of Democracy: Let Buddy Debate.

Via David McConaghay
on Jan 8, 2012
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Buddy Roemer is a legitimate candidate for the Republican nomination for President.

Why then, has he been shut out of every nationally-televised debate?

And while it saddens me to know that these over-hyped puppet-shows weigh so heavily in determining who actually has a chance to win, there is clearly something nefariously unfair about arbitrarily excluding this former Governor and Congressman.

As is typical of such negative tactics, it has backfired, and now I want to know more about Buddy.

Admittedly, Amy and Juan lob a series of softball questions in his direction, but seems to me he’s making sense. Politics is a game of C.R.E.A.M., get the money. Changing the way campaigns are financed is an early domino in the process of creating a government truly of the people, able to enact positive change for the people.

On the Occupy movement:

“They smell what’s wrong with America. Corruption at the top. Wall St. and Washington are connected at the pocket book…”

Lawrence Lessig raises similar issues in his December appearance on the Daily Show, promoting his most recent publication, Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress — And a Plan to Stop It:


“We need equal rights, and justice.”

@BuddyRoemer is actually an amazing Twitter feed to follow. #LetBuddyDebate!

Ron is right. The Patriot Act is unconstitutional.

States should have right to legalize gay marriage. Civil unions should come w/ same rights as married couples in states that don’t.

There are too many kids that need parents. Gay couples should have the right to adopt.

Huntsman, as long as you take anonymous $$ through a Super PAC and have a lobbyist as a campaign advisor, don’t talk about corruption.

Say it, Mitt. Billion $$ Corps don’t pay taxes. Our tax code has been chewed up and spit out by Corp lobbyists. It’s embarrassing.

Really, Santorum? Washington works for the top 1%. That’s not class warfare. It’s the truth.

And so on, and so forth…


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One Response to “A Mockery of Democracy: Let Buddy Debate.”

  1. DaveTelf says:

    While I agree that DN is on the opposite end of the political spectrum from FOX, in my experience DN is at least committed to reporting facts, and don't employ any of the trickery and infotainment shenanigans Murdoch & Co. are famous for.

    Not sure why he's a Republican either. In the interview he says himself that he has the values of a "conservative Democrat." Interesting.

    Thanks for commenting!