January 5, 2012

All that Glitters (60% off)

The 24 Things Mid-Winters Toss Days 2-5:

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things. I drag 15 bins up from the basement, the weekend after Thanksgiving, and tack, glue, sprinkle, shred, and glitz, until every room shimmers. My son imagines a new creation for the mantle, and I watch his face. He is at the age where Christmas is unbearably, exciting.

But, school is back in session, the tree is wilted, and the party invitations have ceased. It’s time to load Christmas back into crates for its three-season nap.  I tossed old ornaments, candles, and decorations that haven’t been used for a while.  It seems, as far as Christmas is concerned, the older I get the more daring I am with things that twinkle. I tend to be more subdued with colors and clothing and home. (Grey is the New Blah)

Only 14 boxes returned to the basement.  I gave away one bin of things I hope others will enjoy. But, in full disclosure, my dog ate 17 ornaments off the tree.  It was his first Christmas and helped himself to low hanging fruit. My back yard is a glitter graveyard and his sparkly dog waste will decorate the woods for weeks.

I like to shop for the Christmas decorations after the holiday and I am tempted to replace the eaten ornaments  at one of the many 60% off sales. But, there’s that little  No Spending for 24 days rule.   Instead, I will think of my Sankalpa and know that I am making in my life for the new.  Nothing can enter a space that is over-crowded.

Days 3-4 and 5

I cleaned up my computer, dumped old emails and removed myself from online mailing lists. I started my junk pile of catalogues that I will cancel on the 24th, cleared off piles of paperwork that have accumulated, and organized some office materials.

There are a few tasks I repeat every 24 cycle. Just to keep things organized and not let them get out of control. It works out well because a task that at first took 3 hours now just takes 45 minutes because there is so much less of the junk to sift through.

What are you letting go of?

24 Things is the de-cluttering challenge. It encourages you to make room in your home, heart, and mind to create an inspired future. 

When you let go and create freedom in the home, mind or body, you create a sacred space. Inside this sacred space you can develop the faith that you will be provided for and cherished without the aid of material things. We are more powerful than we know and can call in the wonderful, when we learn to let go.

Join me and let go of 24 Things this month.  Other 24 Things articles  A Vow in Silence



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