January 5, 2012

Are you getting aroused at work?

This is taken directly from the book  The Fabric of the Future and I loved it so much I wanted to share this with you in the hope that you will find inspiration to move forward.

Thanks to the author Barbara Marx Hubbard. founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

“Throughout the process of co-creation we ourselves evolve. When we join our genius with others we have moments of what we might call a fusion of genius. ( I call that a mastermind) It happens when we get excited over a project and begin to resonate with others.

It’s explosive! We are thrilled to be  totally alive. We want to do more of it because by doing more of it we become more ourselves. Thus the acorn within us is given sunlight and water and feels itself unfolding becoming the giant oak!

This force is felt as what I call vocational arousal! It can strike at any age from 18 to 80. It’s usually felt at first as frustration: as the desire to do more: to be more. It’s the awakening of our passion to create to discover what more we are born to do and to give.”

Vocational arousal…Isn’t that an awesome way to consider tuning into your passion? Really though that’s what it’s all about: the relationship you have with you..with yourSELF and the connection or reconnection to the essence of who you really are. Isn’t it time for some vocational arousal in your life?

So here’s something to think about. First and foremost why do this? Why make a big shift like this at this moment? I challenge you to say “why not?” Why wait? Thinking something better is going to come along? Hoping that somebody will notice your brilliance and offer you the job of your life? Well sometimes that happens and sometimes people win lotteries: sometimes…

The idea that we can have it all isn’t just a passing phase in my humble opinion. Of course for me having it all will be completely different than it will be for you so here’s what mine looks like. A life well lived: a life spent seeking and finding and seeking and finding with a constant and curious mind.(remember the game hide and seek? Now that was fun!)

My idea of having it all includes being financially empowered and teaching other women to be financially empowered as well. Apparently it’s my calling because I just keep getting reminders everywhere I turn…My idea of having it all includes having honest and open relationships with people I meet: no matter what. Open diaglogue and frank discussions and messy inbetweens perhaps but always loving and honest and open.

My idea of having it all includes sharing it out. Why keep all of this great and wonderous beauty all to myself?

So I’m curious: what would your vision of having it all look like? What would vocational arousal include for you?

You ready?

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