Blood Builder Juice!

Via Caley Alyssa
on Jan 23, 2012
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Blood Builder Juice

It’s time for Popeye to step-aside and set down his old can of spinach, beets are in the house! Sorry to burst your bubble sailor man, but beet greens actually have a higher iron content than spinach greens do. This high iron content regenerates red blood cells helping them to supply greater quantities of fresh oxygen to the body…however beet greens do tend to be much more bitter in taste then spinach leaves. It’s for this reason that I juice my beets and their greens, adding in a bit of ginger to cut the tartness but keep all the healthy blood building benefits. I don’t want y’all to feel like I’m bashing spinach here, because I LOVE SPINACH and actually put a large handful in this juice, but more so I’m trying to highlight the blood building greatness of beets and beet greens.

Both beet roots and beet greens are also powerful cleansers (note to all you Hiking Yogi’s cleansing with me right now!) They are high in vitamins A, B2, B6 and C and are also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorous and sodium.

Lastly, If you haven’t already skipped ahead to the recipe, I want to point out that my green straw pictured above is actually GREEN! What I mean by that is, it’s compostable. If you use straws or other accoutrements when cooking/serving, try to consider our environment and the amount of waste you’re producing! Ahimsa, baby. All the time.


  • 1 medium red beet with greens
  • 4-6 carrots
  • large hunk of ginger (size of your thumbnail)
  • small bunch of spinach


  1. Juice.
  2. Drink.
  3. Love.

For your viewing pleasure…!!


About Caley Alyssa

As a D-1 collegiate athlete with a background in nutrition and anatomy, and an internship with a naturopathic center for healing, Caley Alyssa found herself wanting to help people achieve healthier, happier lives. She quickly came to realize that she wanted to promote preventative and therapeutic methods encouraging active, energetic lifestyles rather than focusing on treatment centered around prescription drugs and the increasingly paramount “band-aid” mindset. In 2006, Caley moved to San Francisco and began to study yoga completing her 200 hour training with Yoga Tree with Janet Stone, Darren Main and Elise Lorimer. From there she went onto study with Shiva Rea and obtained a certification to work with children and at risk youth. In 2010, Caley’s quest to bring health and happiness to others lead her to enroll with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York to become a Holistic Health Coach, registered with the American Drugless Practitioners. Caley now lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She designs and leads seasonal cleanses for individuals, yoga studios and corporate businesses sharing her lifelong journey of finding balance, wellness and happiness in all aspects of life!


6 Responses to “Blood Builder Juice!”

  1. Daiva says:

    hi 🙂 thanks for this great recipe…just one questions, would you recommend adding a teaspoon (or half of it) of oil (let's say olive)? I have heard that the vitamins and all other beneficial elements are best assimilated with some fat. Thanks, Di

  2. Caley Alyssa says:

    Great question! Many vitamins are fat soluble (including A & E). This means that they cannot be absorbed by the body without the consumption of additional fats. That said, there are many other benefits from juices like enzymes that do not need fat for activation. Adding a tsp of oil is a great optiion, but not a necissity.

  3. Colin Wiseman says:

    You could try and add apple juice to it as well. That's what one company does here in their bought juices…real nice!

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