February 1, 2012

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All I Want is…Everything.

A guest editorial from elephant author Andréa Balt (a few weeks back Kate Bartolotta also wrote a guest editorial).

There’s one motor, one murmur common to all ways of life; no less necessary than oxygen, no more optimistic than sunshine.

Some call it hope.

As skeletal and necessary as hope seems to be—the blueprint of life more exactly—it’s paradoxical and painful to find armed guards at the doors of everything you dare to dream or do. When you have to justify imagination, but don’t need to excuse yourself from apathy, there’s something wrong with our world, with any world.

There are all kinds of antidotes to hope. They sell them at pharmacies, at supermarkets, at every corner of every street, on your TV screen, in magazines… They even sell them in your head—that army of Nos always defending their territory. Keep hope down. Don’t say it outloud. It’s so good it could vanish. You shouldn’t want it all. 

Why is it technically okay to be happy, but only few of us really believe it and even less decide to take it literally?

Be careful what we ask for…

We might just get it.

The rules of hope are simple: nothing real can be utterly destroyed, and nothing unreal can be threatened. So if the longing in us is such a dangerous business that someone or something is constantly trying to silence it, could it be because it’s a real map to life (the kind of map only the heart can read)?

Possibility is what makes our cells multiply and the idea of meturn into fact. As Gay Hendricks so brilliantly put it…click here to read the full deal, including Andréa’s introduction.

Yours in working (and playing) to create enlightened society,

Andréa Balt

Editor-at-Large (Spain)


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