From Desire to Fulfillment.

Via Chanti Tacoronte-Perez
on Jan 21, 2012
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Rod Stryker’s Four Desires (4D) Virtual Book Club.
Chapter 11: The Formula For Fulfilling Your Desires

Did you think it was over? We have our purpose, we know our desires, we got in touch with our inner self and have a sankalpa….now what? Most failed new year’s resolutions end right there–still unresolved.

We want to make sure that any resolution we create(d) come to fruition. How can we be sure that we are on the right path? The answer is: The Creation Equation. The Creation equation based on the teachings of Swami Rama, is how we move from desire to fulfillment.

Before going on, take a look at your current sankalpa. If you haven’t thought of it, or connected with it since you wrote it, or if it just seems overwhelming, or even not challenging enough, then perhaps there is some resistance around it. Rod affirms that  “for every resolve, there is always at least some resistance to its fulfillment.”

We have made it through two very important steps: uncovering our Dharma Code and creating a sankapa. Now it is time to face the resistance.  When speaking about manifesting desires, Rod Stryker’s first teacher Mani Finger would often say “man proposes, god disposes.”

As we continue on this journey we must remember that there are two kinds of resistance: internal and external. Don’t be blinded by it, and don’t stop here. Learning to use the creation equation to see the potential as well as the resistance surrounding our sankalpa clarifies our ability to achieve or manifest what we want.

In this equation the letter I stands for Intensity.

Is + Iv  >  Ik ≈  P

Let’s first take the three main components of this equation:

Is ~ Intensity of Shakti is the energy behind your initial impulse or desire. It is what lights you up to fulfill a specific desire. In the next chapter we will discuss a little more about this part of the equation and how important it is to clarify how much you really  want a desire. The more you want it, the more intensity your shakti holds in the equation, making it easier to overcome resistance.

Iv ~ Intensity ofVayu is the total energy you direct towards fulfilling your resolve. This is your personal energetic investment made in order to fulfill your desire. It is the expression of your shakti. As Rod explains in the book, an expression of vayu may be, “will power, discipline, love, finances, networking skills, patience, forgiveness, self-acceptance, intelligence, self-study, clarity, discernment, laughter and joy.”

For example when a group of us ParaYogis decided to start the process of certification, our vayu expressed itself in a Skype study session every Wednesday morning. All of us changed our schedule, got up earlier, and did what we needed to do to get the study time in.

Ik ~ Intensity of Karma in this context is the total resistance that obstructs you from fulfilling your desire. This includes internal and external resistance. I remember in the Yoga of Fulfillment training Rod had us write down all of the possible resistances that could surround our desire. My page was filled. At the time my husband and I were planning to move to Paris. I had concerns about not finding a place to live, not being able to speak and be understood, and not having enough money to sustain us while we searched for jobs. Did I mention my page was covered?

P ~ Prapti  is the sanskrit term for attainment of your desire.

Look at your sankapa. Is the intensity of your desire plus the intensity of the energy you are directing towards achieving your desire greater than the resistance that surrounds that desire?

“Every time that you got what you wanted, your desire for it plus the energy you invested in achieving it were greater than the forces that resisted you having it.” Rod Stryker

If it is not, that does not mean to give up. There are ways to increase your shakti and/or vayu, to decrease the resistance around fulfilling your desire, or doing a little bit of both in order to accomplish want you want. I know you want to start right away, but remember this is a process. We will discover and discuss all these great methods in the chapters to come.

Look at your sankalpa in-relation-to this equation, in order to have a clear view of what (shakti, vayu, karma) you should start to focus on in the next few chapters.

How does your creation equation add up?


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About Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

As a traveler and painter Chanti has grounded her roots in the path of yoga wherever she has landed. Chanti began practicing Yoga during her first year in college & continued when she left for Hampshire College to complete her BA in Painting/Fine Arts and Special Education. From 2001-2004 she lived and worked in Havana, Cuba as the Hampshire College Cuba Program Coordinator where she studied Iyengar Yoga. Chanti has been studying and teaching yoga in the Tantric Hatha Linage since 2005 with her teacher Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga. He has taught her that everyone has the ability to know their destination and find that road to walk on. She has currently completed the Para Yoga Certification (level I) & her Restorative Yoga training with Judith Handson Lasater. Her study of Sacred Art and Yantra Painting merge her love of Yoga with her passion for painting and education.


17 Responses to “From Desire to Fulfillment.”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:


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    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  2. Patrick says:

    beautifully said…xo

  3. Chanti says:

    Thanks Pattrik….time to ACT! 🙂

  4. missmiapark says:

    my equation is adding up OK…i think. having a quantity to my sankalpa really helps me track if my resistance/karma is stronger than my shakti & vayu. i'm not quite fulfilling my sankalpa now, so hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work i go! thanks, chanti.

  5. Chanti says:

    Mia! i know we have to get onto the next sankalpa… perhaps?

  6. zunit says:

    As I worked on overcoming the internal resistance of my creation equation, I focused all my shakti into honestly reviewing how I have lived my life. I just finished the vikalpa exercise and I would like to express my gratitude for everything that had to happen for me to begin awakening from the illusion and realizing what my deepest driving desire really is. The vikalpa is the destructive legacy of holding on to those subconscious desires.
    My Dharma Code moves me beyond my internal resistance,
    "The light of my love shines for all to see,
    without attachment to pain and suffering"
    Aloha José

  7. Chanti says:

    Everything does happen as it needs to and gratitude, as Rod often says is the soil to start to plant all those seeds of intention. Thanks for sharing with us. When we move on to vikalpa excursive you should let us know how it was for you. Im very excited that you dove in there and completed it.

  8. Amy Whelan says:

    My greatest desires are also my biggest fears. For example, I want to become a yoga instructor, but for me the timing is not right. I wonder if this is just an excuse. I have about 15 more years before I retire, and I want to wait until then so I can fully commit to the process. Also, my kids are 6 and 10 and it actually makes me nauseous being away from them for an extended time period. (And if I'm honest, doing something solely for myself frightens me.) So my sankulpa, as I've stated before helps me to view each moment with lovingkindness. I need to trust when the time is right, it will be presented to me…in the meantime, I will continue with my daily yoga practice.

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  10. Paula says:

    I love this post, and have had an experience that I think relates a bit to what Amy wrote. My first sankalpa, "we conceived quickly and easily, our baby girl is on the way" has not been fulfilled as I have a health issue I have to deal with first. In doing some further inner work, I began to see that this health issue is somehow connected to my new sankalpa, "I found my voice and learned to speak and live my truth." In reading your post I saw a connection between the two, that if a first sankalpa is not coming true one may use a new sankalpa to increase the intensity with which we move towards our original desire. I saw a connection with Amy, it looks like your grander sankalpa of teaching yoga may need some smaller sankalpas along the way to assist in increasing the intensity towards achieving it.

  11. Chanti says:

    That is an exciting journey. To be totally honest, the daily yoga practice, is really what keeps you going and thriving. Whenever you do a yoga training, it will be so much richer, because you have a personal practice.
    Congratulations & Aloha

  12. Chanti says:

    Thanks for your post! Yes, I do think that there is always a relationship between desires and it's such an amazing AHA!!! moment when you start to see them! Small sankalpas to get you to move towards something greater, deeper or that you know will take a little longer are a good start. I also want to remind everyone that as I mentioned in a an earlier post, if your not familiar with the process it is advised to start with something simple at first, so you feel confident in the process and can then use it for those hardy desires.

  13. Amy Whelan says:

    Oh, Chanti! That made me feel so much better! I had never given it that perspective before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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