January 25, 2012

Complete video of President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Update: here’s the full video, via PBS:


Update: here’s a better live feed, with helpful charts & graphs & such.


Democracy, we’ve heard, is not a spectator sport.

Cynicism and doubt and dissent are fine. In fact, they’re vital, integral to a health democracy. So sit on the sidelines, on our hands, too cool for school…and America will go to hell, or rather the corporations, and take half our fragile planet with it.

That’s all. The State of the Union Address is tonight.

I’ll be watching—a bit late after a long day of many meetings, now climbing at the gym for first time in 10 days. But I encourage everyone, whatever our political persuasion, to respect the office and listen in. Democracy ain’t a spectator sport. I watch most of most of the GOP debates, and love them for the most part.

The more we all pay attention, not just to MSNBC or FOX or our favorite candidate, the harder it is to villainize the enemy, and the easier to remember that we’re all Americans, before we’re partisans.

I’ll catch up and watch in an hour or so, from my bathtub (TMI).

Click here for nytimes.com live feed:

We’ll post a full video as soon as it’s done.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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