January 7, 2012

Love vs. Fear: The Transcendent Battle.

Love vs. Fear

The Sun beats down
my mind exposed.
Love and Fear
armor to armor
frozen on this ancient battleground.
Society soldiers standoff behind their chosen force,

The Divine light intensifies.
Fear stands stiff and hollow.
Love opens to the magnificent orb
their pulses in perfect synch.
My Soul gasps.
Finally I awaken…
Fear a haunting shadow.
Love afraid of itself
the omnificent Sun captured in a human piece.
Knowing this, it is time.
This battle must be won.

My Soul ignites.
The battleground begins to sizzle.
Love and Fear drip with impervious metal.
To the core, Love knows its truth.
To the core, Fear knows its truth.
Who will ascend from this melting pot
being fully to the bitter end?

A preparatory wind swirls through my crown
sweeping beliefs and projections.
Smoke hovers above the battleground.
Soldiers stiffen.
Horses shift and stomp their hooves.
Each side in shallow breath
knowing their lives are bet on loyalty.

Flames drop at Soul’s command.
Through the haze troops see Love
lifting off its helmet.
Orange flames cradle the metal
lowering it to the core
honoring its surrender.
Fear draws a hidden dagger in response.
Now two weapons live in one anxious hand.

Love drops its only sword.
It disintegrates…
With sword and dagger in hand
Fear waves its troops closer
flashing slicers encroach from every angle.

Love drops its shield and
motions its troops to fall back.
Fear plunges forward
shoving Love with its plate of malice.

Love steadies, then passionately peels off its armor
piece by piece
now naked in surrender.
Soulful flames step aside and bow to the Master.

Fear effortlessly stabs Love’s heart.
Sparkling light beams from the infliction.
Fear is instantly blinded.
In a panic, Fear stabs recklessly
dressing Love in iridescent sequins.
Bright truth bursts
through every opening.
Fear’s illusion now coated with Love’s full reveal.

Love’s vibration serves soulful flares to Fear.
Engulfed by light
Fear and its troops transform
Sun and Soul burning bright.

Soul chose Love
the universal ONE
Divinity illuminates to and from.
Fear once a shadow
now a golden mirror
a Sol-ful truth
Love’s reflection an inspiration…
love more
love deeper
love through and beyond where I AM now.
Thank you, Fear
your vintage threat the transformative spark
to this Love ascending end.

Love and Fear
Armor to armor
A moment
A choice
A human blessing.

Alexandra Folz


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Read 2 comments and reply

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