Ode to Kale.

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Oh Kale, to thee I hale

My dark green leafy lover.

What was life before you,
Without the edible sunlight,
The chlorophyll mood-enhancer,
The magic blood detoxifier?

You are delicious as a salad, dressed up with Avocado,
Marvelous blended with Apple and Kiwi,
Divine juiced in Green Lemonade,
Baked in to chips,
Or Wilted in Greens ‘n’ Beans Italiano.

Gosh, I think you’re making Spinach jealous,
And Broccoli can just stop texting me now.
I love you so much, beloved Kale,
My boyfriend thinks we should get a room.

There’s room enough
for both you and him in my world, I think.
Call it what you will–a threesome,
An open relationship– I know he’ll learn to love you
Like I do.

Oh, by the way, Kale, have you met my girlfriend, Bacon*?
She’s hot, and sizzly, and I’d like to have her every day.
I think you’d be fabulous together,
And the four of us will thoroughly enjoy brunch in bed.

Let’s make a date.
I predict it will be great.
How about tonight,
tomorrow morning,
and again for lunch?

I’m glad you’re game, Kale.
You have such great endurance.
A day without you is depressingly incomplete.
I hope this year we can go steady,
And maybe next year tie the knot.

I’m looking forward
to our delicious,
future together.



*Organic, local, pastured!

Photo Credits: Blisstree.com

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About Erica Mather

Erica Mather, M.A., E-RYT 200, is a lifelong teacher. She has been teaching yoga in New York City since 2006. Erica created "Adore Your Body," a Signature System for addressing body image challenges, and is the Founder of The Yoga Clinic NYC. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter.


9 Responses to “Ode to Kale.”

  1. Susan Simon says:

    Just posted this on Elephant Food on FB.

  2. craigholliday says:

    I love kale so much, I thank God for Kale.
    Praise be to Kale

  3. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    How about baked in the oven sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt? Mmmmmm.

    This article is delicious and adorable.

    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
    Like Elephant Yoga on Facebook
    Follow on Twitter

  4. CCL says:

    Had a delicious kale gumbo last night that warmed my heart! Not vegetarian, but oh so good for a snowy day: http://www.oprah.com/food/Soup-Recipes-Cajun-Kale

  5. […] a nutritional powerhouse, containing healthy, non-saturated fats, leafy greens and high doses of vitamin A (nice skin!), C (no sniffles!) and E (healthy […]

  6. Jessica says:

    I'm eating Kale right now:)

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