January 9, 2012

Ode to Kale.

Oh Kale, to thee I hale

My dark green leafy lover.

What was life before you,
Without the edible sunlight,
The chlorophyll mood-enhancer,
The magic blood detoxifier?

You are delicious as a salad, dressed up with Avocado,
Marvelous blended with Apple and Kiwi,
Divine juiced in Green Lemonade,
Baked in to chips,
Or Wilted in Greens ‘n’ Beans Italiano.

Gosh, I think you’re making Spinach jealous,
And Broccoli can just stop texting me now.
I love you so much, beloved Kale,
My boyfriend thinks we should get a room.

There’s room enough
for both you and him in my world, I think.
Call it what you will–a threesome,
An open relationship– I know he’ll learn to love you
Like I do.

Oh, by the way, Kale, have you met my girlfriend, Bacon*?
She’s hot, and sizzly, and I’d like to have her every day.
I think you’d be fabulous together,
And the four of us will thoroughly enjoy brunch in bed.

Let’s make a date.
I predict it will be great.
How about tonight,
tomorrow morning,
and again for lunch?

I’m glad you’re game, Kale.
You have such great endurance.
A day without you is depressingly incomplete.
I hope this year we can go steady,
And maybe next year tie the knot.

I’m looking forward
to our delicious,
future together.



*Organic, local, pastured!

Photo Credits: Blisstree.com

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Read 9 comments and reply

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