January 13, 2012

Release the Brazen in You! ~ Gazelle Animalia.

A good friend of mine recently told me that the owner of the yoga studio where she has been teaching for nearly a year told her that she was “too brazen” in her classes.  When she told me this, I could tell that it was just one more thing added to the list of “concerns” that the studio owner has been having in regards to her “way of showing up” and teaching.

Although I may be biased, my friend is a gifted and talented yoga instructor.  She just does not try to mold herself into becoming another copy cat version of the other instructors.  At this studio, it is dogmatically preached to be your authentic self. Who can judge another as to whether they are being “authentic”?  Answer: NO ONE!

Only we know, only we sit with ourselves, only we have access to the inner workings of our mind, and observe all of our subsequent actions.

With today’s technology, I was able to google the dictionary definition of the word “Brazen” while talking to her on the phone.  (Yes, I realize that for the 15 seconds it took me to get it, that I was not being fully present to her)  Here is the definition of brazen:

Bra-zen (brāzən)  

Adjective.  1. To be Bold.

                                                    2. To be without shame.

I read her this definition, and after a brief silence while we digested the true meaning of the word, I told her “I sure as hell would want to be called brazen!”  She laughed and said, “So would I!”This lightened the tone of our conversation.  really Let’s really look at what this word means, not only for a yoga teacher but for everyone living their every day lives.

Image by BlueRobot via Flickr


To Be Bold!

To be bold is to be fearless before danger.  To be adventurous and free.  Assured and confident.  We all should strive to live our lives this way.  And as a yoga teacher, wouldn’t the students see the qualities of adventure, freedom and confidence as desirable traits in a teacher?  I know I do!  When I go to a studio and the teachers “seem” like a cookie cutter version of each other, it does not appeal to me.  In truth, it often seems a little “Stepford Wives” to me.


To Be Without Shame!

To be without shame is to be free of painful emotions caused by consciousness of guilt.  It is the condition of humiliating disgrace or disrepute. It is the result of doing something that brings censure or reproach. Something to be regretted.  How does a yoga instructor bring shame upon herself while she teaches a class?

Shame is subjective.  To “shame” someone is one of the most regrettable things one human being can do to another.  And this is exactly what this studio owner was trying to “do unto” my friend.  She says she is brazen, therefore she is without shame…..So let’s try to knock the bravery out of her by shaming her.This whole scenario makes me sick.

Especially the cold hard fact that this teacher has done nothing to be ashamed of in class.  Ever! As for the second definition of brazen-To be made of brass.  Well, thank goodness my dear friend has balls made of brass!  She can now call herself brazen, and be proud of it!



          BE BOLD!  

              BE WITHOUT SHAME!

(I think Jesus, Buddha, and you would agree)

Gazelle Animalia MSN, APRN-BC, FNP hails from Grand Rapids Michigan. A Yoga Teacher and Student of Baron Baptiste. She is a Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s degree in Nursing Education and a Post Graduate degree in Advance Practice Nursing. currently specializing in Urology She has also studied human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, and psychology, as well as many other health related courses while acquiring her degrees. She has also studied the art of Therapeutic Touch. Her passion is  Mula Bandhas! Visit herfacebook page and her website. 


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