January 23, 2012

Review: Barefoot Yoga Mat—The Best Yoga Mat!

An under recognized mat. It is superior in grip to any other mat. Having used the pretty mats, the heavy—guaranteed for lifetime mats, and everything in between, there is no other mat out there like the Barefoot Eco Original!
The fibers woven into this mat are what give it friction and texture and prevents slipping.

The New York Times called this mat the #1 for Environmentally Friendly Mats saying “The visible fibers on the top side provided a ‘slightly rough texture’ and ‘grippy’ surface. The mat was thin enough to fold and had a solid, not too squishy surface for standing without wobbles, but still was padded enough for lying-down work.”

We tested the mat’s grip by dumping a bucket of hot salty water on it and proceeded to hold adho mukha svanasana for 8 minutes. Not really, but I have used the mat in hot yoga classes with excellent results. All around me people fiddled with their towels, needed to re-adjust as they slid off their mats while I focused on playing with my edge.

Initially when purchased new, the mat does have a strong resin odor. I recommend gently washing it in a machine and line drying, or scrubbing with water and tea tree oil and leaving it out in the sun for several hours.  They run frequent sales but normal pricing for a 72″ x 25″ x 4mm mat is $84.70, they also have a slightly bigger mat for a few more dollars. It is worth it.

After several years of use and thousands of hours of yoga, your mat will wear out. But fear not, Barefoot Eco has a list of creative uses for your worn out mat, from smothering weeds to spur of the moment picnics and donating to your local animal shelter for soft padding for your furry friends.
Their facebook fan page is a delight to like as they always answer my silly questions and have frequent giveaways and interesting articles.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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