January 26, 2012

Slideshow Video on Chakras 1 & 2: Grounding and Pleasure.

This is an introduction to my work on the chakra system. Though the video is just a few minutes, the slideshow takes about an hour with me talking about each slide (and of course the resolution is a LOT better 🙂 Music in the video is Persephone by Biomusique’s CD The 10,000 Steps – an amazing project by Lisbeth Scott and Greg Ellis.

In each 3 hour workshop we have:

* The illustrated lecture,
* 90 min yoga practice that focuses on the areas we are working with, and
* time for a deep healing savasana after writing meditations on the themes of specific chakras.

This workshop (on Sunday Jan. 29th from 2 – 5 pm) focuses on low back and hips, grounding and pleasure, it asks – can you stand up for yourself, do you own your right to pleasure, are you ready to heal broken trust and embrace an ecstatic grounding in your sacred body?!

My work is all about naturalizing spirituality – the word “energy” refers to your felt experience of your body, your emotions, sensations, traumas, aspirations…

I use the chakras as a poetic way of talking about how the mind lives in the body, and how we hold contractions in different areas and experience this as “blocked energy.”

In the safe and healing space of yoga practice we can work with specific muscles in ways that allow for deep release or “unwinding” to occur and can become more aware of what is going on beneath the surface of the mind/body/heart.

This series of workshops includes psychology, anatomy, yoga, meditation and grounded spirituality – I have been teaching/facilitating it for the last 15 years and it forms the centerpiece of how I sequence my classes, the basis for my Open Sky Bodywork, (which you can get a taste of here) and the core of the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind teacher training.

It is also available as an audio program here.


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