January 17, 2012

elephantjournal.com: Censored.

Update: Two Senators have already switched. SOPA/PIPA on cover of NY Times.

What’s up with the “Censored” logo? What’s SOPA/PIPA?

Click here to stop SOPA PIPA.

Check blacked-out Reddit’s front page for succinct “what’s up.”

Wikipedia is down!












Basically SOPA and PIPA are the first internet censorship bills that might actually pass in US, which would encourage many other countries to do same. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, many other sites going dark or blacking out logo, sharing info all day in effort to raise public awareness before too late. We’ve joined.

Our home page and FB logos changed all day, sharing up info on SOPA / PIPA. Keep the ‘net free of censorship.


Google, Wikipedia, Reddit all going black or, like elephant and thousands of other freedom-hearting sites, featuring blacked out logo.

(Photo: infowars)


SOPA vote in the House delayed; PIPA vote in the Senate is still on for January 24th.


Following last Friday’s statement from the Obama administration, Congress has shelved the SOPA bill indefinitely. A similar bill called the “Protect IP act” or PIPA will still come before the Senate on January 24th unless the public outcry against censorship continues.

Many popular websites–including Wikipedia and Reddit–will be going black tomorrow for SOPA blackout day as a powerful reminder that if we don’t stand up against this censorship, blank screens are what we have in store for us.

Do you enjoy reading elephant? Please contact your Senator before the PIPA vote on January 24th. Do you know where your representatives in the House and the Senate stand on this legislation? SOPA-opposed Congressman Jared Polis from Colorado spent several hours fielding questions on this and other topics on Reddit yesterday. If you don’t know how your interests are being protected, it’s time to find out.

What else can you do?

Skip companies that would support this type of legislation, support the ones that share your concerns, and keep supporting indie media.

Or one day soon you may find that the internet looks like this:

(Photo: Softpedia)

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