Super Bowl “Bloody Sunday” — Abort those ads!

Via Roger Wolsey
on Jan 11, 2012
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Super Bowl Sunday. A time for gathering with friends and family. Wholesome fun for young and old alike.

Make some snacks, settle in your couches, and enjoy the game – and the terrific ads! Budweiser’s horses playing football are my favorites.  And then…. there’s the ads featuring

the bloody aborted fetuses.

What the what?!?

Yep. In 40 targeted market cities around the country, presidential candidate Randall Terry will be running ads that feature horridly graphic photos of the remains of real people’s life hard decisions.

The ads are being paid for by fringe anti-abortion candidateRandall Terry:

Anti-abortion ads showing graphic images of aborted fetuses covered in blood and surrounded by religious icons will air during the Super Bowl in February, courtesy of Democratic Presidential candidate Randall Terry.

Terry, who has spent a year in jail and been arrested 50 times for his anti-abortion efforts, is using a Federal Election Commission loophole that ensures ads for political candidates cannot be prohibited within 45 days of an election. Apparently, primaries count, so Terry will be running ads on local stations during Super Bowl XLVI February 5.

The Colorado paper the Greeley Gazette notes that Terry has already run political ads with images of aborted fetuses in New Hampshire. The ads attacked President Obama for supporting “child killing.”

TV stations have typically rejected ads with graphic content, especially during events like the Super Bowl that have a large audience. But by exploiting a loophole that requires stations to air ads by political candidates within 45 days of an election, Terry has managed to circumvent those standards.

“This means that primary states that fall within the 45 day window will have to run the graphic ads during the Super Bowl if he purchases the slots,” the Gazette says… (original source)

How can this be possible?

Turns out that
…the ads won’t cost that much because they are not being run nationally. They are only being run in states that have Randall Terry on the ballot, and local ads are a LOT cheaper. And stations HAVE to run them because they are a political ad within 45 days of an election (in this case a primary or caucus, which apparently count). So, the stations cannot reject them for violent content because they fall within the guidelines of political ads. It looks like it will still cost $100,000 to do the ads in 40 cities, but that is nothing compared to the millions it would cost to do it nationally. If they did it nationally, they could not force stations to air the ad, because stations could reject them based on graphic content (which has been done before), but due to this loophole and only airing in cities where there is a state primary or caucus within 45 days, they can force the ads to run. (info courtesy of my friend Sandy Busgen Burke)

Here’s a PETITION to SIGN! (will go to NBC executives)

Also contact the FCC and call your local NBC TV stations!

…and I thought watching all the potential Tebowing would be all that’d we’d have to wince at!  : P


p.s. to make it clear which cities are affected, see the bottom of this letter:

pps. to learn how it is that Randall Terry is running as a “Democrat.”


Wolsey is an ordained United Methodist pastor and the author of Kissing Fish: Christianity for People who Don’t Like Christianity. He blogs for Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and Patheos.


About Roger Wolsey

Roger Wolsey is a free-spirited GenX-er who thinks and feels a lot about God and Jesus. He’s a progressive Christian who identifies with people who consider themselves as being “spiritual but not religious.” He came of age during the “Minneapolis sound” era and enjoyed seeing The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Husker Du, The Wallets, Trip Shakespeare, Prince, and Soul Asylum in concert—leading to strong musical influences to his theology. He earned his Masters of Divinity degree at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO. Roger is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and he currently serves as the director of the Wesley Foundation campus ministry at C.U. in Boulder, CO. He was married for ten years, divorced in 2005 and now co-parents a delightful 10-year old son. Roger loves live music, hosting house concerts, rock-climbing, yoga, centering prayer, trail-running with his dog Kingdom, dancing, camping, riding his motorcycle, blogging, and playing his trumpet in ska bands and music projects. He's recently written a book Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don't like christianity


9 Responses to “Super Bowl “Bloody Sunday” — Abort those ads!”

  1. Liz says:

    I continue to be flabbergasted by what some people will resort to

  2. CynthiaBeard says:

    This ad is inappropriate material for network television. Plain and simple. I am truly disturbed by people who continue to make excuses for subjecting children to images that are inappropriate for them. If we want to start having a discussion about the sanctity of life and its relationship to the Super Bowl, let's talk about the sex trafficking and child slavery that happens in the host city for the Super Bowl. This is a truly devastating problem that affects innocent children who are "imported" into the host city and forced to have sex with men who associate football with sex and domination.

  3. Holy crap, what a debacle some people make of religion….well outed Roger!!

  4. Roger Wolsey says:

    Thank you Braja. I feel a strong desire to help call people out if they misrepresent the faith that inspires and guides me. This guy, Fred Phelps, and the dude who burned a Qur'an last year take misrepresenting Christianity to new levels. : P

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  6. Laurie B says:

    There is absolutely no excuse for showing these ads during a family event like the Super Bowl. My 4 year old granddaughter and 7 year old grandson DO NOT NEED NIGHTMARES simply because some freak doesn't understand that this subject matter needs to be handled differently for children than for adults. Randall Terry does not care one iota for the anyone or anything other than his sick war on women. It is also INCREDABLY DISRESPECTFUL to the remains that he is exploiting. To say that children need to know about this and thus showing them bloody remains is appropriate is ridiculous. They also need to learn about sex at some point in their lives so I guess we should have x-rated commercials featuring sex acts too.

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  8. Oswaldo Jeschke says:

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