January 29, 2012

“The best yoga studio in the world.”

Youtube comment: “Tara…What was the studio’s name you mentioned? I’ll walk over there next week to check it out…”

Yes, our colleague Tara Stiles’ saying “this yoga studio we’re going to is the best in the world” with her tongue-in-cheek. But, for transparency’s sake, let’s just mention that we own it, or co-own it, shall we?

Yoga as marketing I can handle. Yoga as a career I like. We don’t need to be poor to be virtuous. I want to succeed. But I want to walk my talk on the way to that goal. So as we market ourselves, let’s make sure our intentions are aligned, and hopefully for the benefit of others. As someone who has to work back-end deals with advertisers (small dough, nothing like this—yet), I know that motivation is everything to the final product.

Honesty is essential. It’s also…yogic.

PS: the studio does look lovely.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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