January 19, 2012

What Type of Foodie are You?

Jamie (Omnivore) and Waylon (Vegan) at Yoga Journal 2012 San Francisco

I recently started eating meat after 9 years as a vegetarian. While sharing some of my thoughts on Food, it became clear that we have lost our sense of humor about food and who we are as yogis and people. When did we all become so uptight? Eating is a social experience; it is a way that we connect with our families and friends. Whether we are meeting new people, dating or catching up with old friends – sharing a bottle of wine and a meal is a great way to spend our time together. That said, what type of foodie are you?

Vegan – Strict vegans do not eat any animal or animal by-products. It is much sexier to say you are on a Plant Based Diet. There are some obvious tripping points like Honey – unless you have met the Vegan Bee Keeper (even then the hardcore vegans will call you out). Another danger spot is Wine, what could be better than a glass of red wine, vegan red wine! Look for bottles that are unfiltered and wineries committed to keeping their wines Vegan. The best label I have found is Rosenblum, they make delicious wines, and their filtration process does not include animal bone.

Vegetarian – Seems obvious right? Loves to Eat Vegetables (or at least eats vegetables). Wait a minute what if you eat honey? No problem! You can also drink whatever kind of wine you want and you might even eat eggs (okay, this one really confuses me but I think you can be a vegetarian and still eat eggs). Where does it get confusing? Cheese! Now we are talking about Dairy. This beautiful word might change what type of Foodie you are (see below)!

Omnivore – The contemporary Omnivore eats meat, vegetables, dairy – well pretty much everything! Feels a little bit boring right? That said, it is technically an accurate way to describe the diet of a lot of people.

Carnivore – Think Meat Eater. The pundits are going to say things like nobody only eats meat, blah blah blah. You Carnivores know who you are. You like your steak rare and eat Med – whether it is red, white or pink – you eat it! My son, Alex is a Carnivore – each of his encounters with vegetables have resulted in projectile vomit, even though he eats pizza along with peanut butter and honey sandwiches. This kid is a meat eater!

Lacto-Vegetarian (lactarian) – You are a Vegetarian who eats Dairy. Whether it is for the protein or the sheer love of cheese, you get your own niche! You don’t eat meat, and you don’t eat eggs, but you do eat the by products of animals as long as it is Dairy and the cheese does not have rennet and the yogurt does not have gelatin. Odds are one day you will try being a vegan. Like Nike said, “Just Do It!”

Ovo – Lacto Vegetarian – You eat Eggs! Vegetables and Dairy are in your diet as well. Often mislabeled a vegetarian!!! It might be confusing to other people, but to you it makes a lot of sense!

Locavore – Similar to an Omnivore but focused on finding food locally grown, harvested, raised and produced. You can add this on to any of the food categories, but if I see you picking up strawberries from 10 states and 3 countries away at Whole Foods I might have to make that a lower case l for you (locavore). Unless you live on a farm, get ready for research and a lot of bike riding (while you don’t eat your gas, you do consume it – getting local gas for your car is a huge challenge). Stores and even restaurants today may tell you how far away your food is coming from. Act and eat local!!!

Pescatarian – Generally a Vegetarian but you eat fish, maybe even have a soft spot for sushi (Like Bustah Rhymes said “Ooh Baby I like It Raw”). You probably used to say you were a Vegetarian, until some of your Vegan friends called you out on it. You don’t have to praise the benefits of eating Salmon to justify that you eat fish, embrace who you are and tell people you LOVE fish, they are delicious!!!

Flexitarian – You used to be really uptight, but now you are flexible in what you eat! You are mindful and conscious of what you are eating and willing to live in the moment. Next time you find yourself at a Pig Roast you will toast the pig and enjoy the bacon without any feelings of guilt!

Kosher – The food has been blessed, and you don’t eat anything with hooves or that poops in its own shell (chews its own cud and has cloven hoods is kosher). You follow the rules! There is a blurry line as to whether you keep kosher in your house and what you eat outside of your house. You can go your own way, add in any of the other categories with Kosher, it works!!!

Food Pornographer – You take pictures every time you eat, maybe even justified upgrading to the latest iPhone because it really improved the quality of those dimly lit photos from gastropubs and fine restaurants. Nothing gets you more excited than seeing a close-up of a bottle of beer with a blurred out pizza in the background! You even take pictures of the food other people are eating at your table so you can review the entire meal! What do you eat? If its in the picture, you eat it!!!

Foodie – Formerly called a Gourmet, you love delicious food and are willing to travel for it. You may have even started a food club at some point! You love food, the ingredients and all of the details associated with the meal! If a new restaurant opens up in town, you are either at the secret test opening or have a reservation within the week. It is common for you to read and write about food and you may even DVR Top Chef. What do you eat? Exotic and Delicious Food!

Chocaholic – Given the choice of lunch or a Double Chocolate Chunk ice-cream sundae from Mitchell’s, you have to think about it. You have a favorite chocolate but that doesn’t stop you from having 6 other chocolates that you were “just trying.” Whether it is single field 72% dark chocolate or a milky way, you are passionate about your chocolate and can be easily bribed for just about anything with it!!!

Baconavore – This is an emerging niche, but you know who you are. Whether you are the first one to proclaim “Bacon infused Ice-Cream – that has GOT to be delicious” or the person who stops by to drop off some Chocolate with Bacon Bits “I thought you might like these.” You and Bacon have a serious relationship. In fact you may even be one of those Vegetarians that eats Bacon “Duh – Bacon isn’t meat; its a primary food source.”

Vagitarian – No explanation needed!!!

Eating is a Social Experience!!! On your personal Page on Facebook, start Checking-In on Facebook, tell people where you are eating, who you are eating with and what you are eating (Share a Picture – experience Food Porn for yourself). If you get more Likes and Comments, then when you promote your yoga class or studio, start paying attention. Food is a place where we can learn about each other, share an experience and connect. Share this article and tell your friends what kind of a Foodie you are and why on Facebook or in the comments below!

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