January 26, 2012

When Yoga Becomes Yoga. ~ Simon Hollington

Do you have a spiritual practice?

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Spirit means alcohol or Shakti and is the essence of yoga. It’s not some mystical experience, but biological fact.

We all have to realize that yoga is not just physical exercise with some pleasant spiritual thoughts thrown in at the end of a ninety minute class. To refer to yourself as a yogi is short-changing most traditions. At the very least, you need to have some control and understanding of Kundalini– which is the very essence of yoga, and literally means potential in motion.

Two nights ago, I retained my orgasm at the crucial moment. Having built control over time, my prostate is now able to switch and divert the sperm into the seminal vesicles and–with the help of a head-stand–transfer the hormone into the kunder, which is where Muladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine. From here on, yoga becomes real.

If you have ever wondered what your prostate was for, this is it. Keeping it functioning well may help prevent prostate problems affecting so many men. Women also have a prostate. The process described applies to them equally and the location is at the top of vaginal passage.

This hands on process is quite illuminating and the reason to call yourself a yogi, according to one of my teachers. First of all, it’s another area of your life that you can control. The urge to ejaculate for many, is primal. To take the power back from the collective system of behavior is always empowering. Side effects are a greater degree of sexual empathy to yourself and others. However, anger can arise also and your partner can initially feel challenged when you with hold your essence at the point of orgasm.

Your sexual relationship may well change, or expand into a sensual spiritual practice. The deeper practices may unfold in this lifetime or a future one. But, I don’t intend to go into them here as they require the guidance of a teacher. The written word is bound to be enigmatic and not definitive.

Orgasms will be more powerful and extensive, hopefully leading to indefinitely extended bliss. Bliss, such a tantalizing word, is a form of detachment, slowness, bandha-locking practice, and non-intellectual understanding. You don’t have to have sex to experience it, maybe music or art or dance will do it for you. Bliss is an outlet for spirit to be freed from its natural intensity.

If you only practice asana, you‘re going have nice biceps but how are you going to establish a connection between the nerves and ductless glands? How will you connect with the chakras and control your destiny? How will you separate yourself out from the herd or the collective unconscious?

In yoga, whether it’s tantric or not, we engage our essential life forces on every level to bring evolution forward during this life time, rather than evolve through the next generation. The intellect is limited to problem creation and problem solving, it cannot have a new idea.

Where the nerves cluster and the ductless glands reach out is amenable to your conscious input and expansion into a greater capacity of who you are. Many asanas known as kriyas are designed to work with this energy, only that the linkage has been forgotten. The tantricas found that if you distill a human being you are left with alcohol, spirit, or Shatkti, oil, hormone, or Shiva, and salt, DNA or Vishnu. Biological science and yoga are talking about the same thing but in a different language, one ancient and one modern.

Developing and lubricating these awaiting interactive power centers via retained orgasms is not as difficult as you might think. However, you have to forget the idea of time tables and accept failure with humor and sticky fingers.

To establish an isolated contraction of the prostate took me about three to four months, using the A.G.M. order of contraction: anus, genitals, mula bandha. You do need the guidance of a real teacher. By real, I mean someone who has done the work. You’ll find out what that means when you find the right teacher.

Visualizations, yantra, and harmonic Bijar mantra builds the connection with the archetypes of the etheric laid down over thousands of years. Your consciousness becomes increasingly apparent of the pre-cognitive skills of its two other brains in the solar plexus and heart, part of the grey matter of autonomic nervous system.

It also changes how you make love and the focus of your intention, provided of course you are in yogic harmony with your partner. One the tragedies of life is our speedy thrusting and general ignorance so emulated in the ridiculous love scenes in Hollywood movies and the dreadful pornography of the internet where mechanical men race or hold back from ejaculation. They certainly don’t seem to be enjoying themselves and have no purpose other than a need to come.

When sex, or rather sensuality, becomes part of your yoga practice the act itself is imbued with a different quality a dimension of the divine. Like most people, I started doing asana yoga and tried various disciplines. As time progressed, I kept asking myself, “what am I missing?” Be careful what you ask for, for surely your pheromones will go out and seek it. The consequences of asking for a teacher are definitely life changing.



Simon Hollington is long term student of the tantric alchemical yogic tradition, as taught by John Burke, in the Australian bush. This year, 2012, following a powerful meditation experience, Simon felt prompted to write about this subject. “Yoga in the ‘west’ needs to take the next step in the evolution of the practise,” Simon who for many was a free-lance journalist contributing to The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Sydney Morning Herald, comments, “What I have found is that most yoga magazines are in denial of the real aspects of yoga, and hide in the continuing highly detailed physical minutiae as opposed to broadening the experience of consciousness.”

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