January 11, 2012

Why Should the Deeper Truths of the Universe Be Given Only to the One Percent? ~ Matt Rutkowski

Tau Zero

The one percent who control most everything are the best at collecting and hoarding.

They are the best at the game of greed and the power games. They bask in the endless glut of their egos and will do everything in their power to hold onto their power, money and prestige.

They are the opposite of the one percent who have success walking the spiritual path.

It is indeed a sad world when those who see through the matrix of life are in the minority, as they have been up until this point (but it seems that things are about to change for the positive). It is also sad that the world has continued to be run by money, which is a made up agreement of value and worth.

Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

However, the one percent of those who actually gain deep insight, wisdom and value from the spiritual path are mirror opposites of the one percent that the world is up in arms about right now.

The spiritual one percent are the best of letting go of things. They collect spiritual wealth but don’t hold onto anything.

They are the best at being humble, the opposite of being super greedy. They think of others instead of only themselves. Diving into the internal world and working through the illusions of life (Maya), being honest and real are what the spiritual one percent do to a very high level. They have gotten to the point where they know that they are not any better than others.

No, for those who walk the spiritual path and think they are better and smarter than others — they are still very much stuck in the ego, and Maya.

Because we are all the same: we live on the same planet, we breathe the same air and we worship the same higher entity — the same origin that goes by many names, but is the same in the end.


It is sadly unfortunate that more do not strive to let go of the illusions of life. It is sad that more do not turn inward and reflect upon the miracle of life and appreciate the fact that you are alive. That right there should bring us all together and bridge the rifts that are between us.

The spiritual one percent have journeyed inward and taken down their ego armor like a soldier disarms a field full of landmines. Taking one step at a time, watching each breath, each movement as to not step on what needs to be disarmed.

They sometimes go back over and over again to an area they thought was diffused only to have this “baggage” resurrect itself at inopportune times in their lives.

The spiritual path is a never-ending process, but one that does indeed shake up one’s perception of reality, our egos, this Maya. It takes one away from the impulsive mind, which is full of lust, greed and selfishness, and brings one closer to the higher mind, that is the gut feeling, and that is the voice of the universe or God that is within all of us.

But most do not want to listen to their gut because it often makes us think of others and not just ourselves. Doing what is right is not always as much fun on the surface. But if we all did right by each other this world would be in a much better place.

Imagine having humanity towards each other? Imagine sharing the wealth of the land? Imagine no starving people, no destitution? These things would change the energetic flow of this planet.

Susana Fernandez

Why should the deeper truths of the universe be given only to the one percent of the spiritual path walkers? When all of us have the same tools to create internal beauty and treasure out of the muck of the ego?

I don’t get it. For I am just a simple man living in very confusing times. I really do not feel that I fit in with this world. All the crime, greed, cruelty and lack of compassion strike at me internally like needles in my spine.

Why do we continue to take this gift of life, this gift of each other for granted? So some people can have most of the pieces of paper with dead presidents on them? It just doesn’t make sense, it is not logical and it does not compute.



Matt Rutkowski walks the spiritual path. He loves to make people laugh. He is a writer, a comedian, a philosopher and always does his best to be a gentleman. Email him here.





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