January 28, 2012

“Yoga Master.” {reminds of Equinox video}

Correction: first of all, this video is awesome, and I shared it because it’s beautiful. Secondly, the criticism below was of the term “master” being applied to asana, merely, not at all to David Regelin, the teacher below. Thirdly, I don’t know him, and honestly the below was not meant personally, except again to the extent that I was impressed, akin to the Equinox video.

I blogged this up over-hastily, and meant only to criticize the term “yoga master” which seems to get tossed around with Tara Stiles and other colleagues accepting that term. I think it’s misleading and conveys the idea that yoga is about incredible asana practice, which is not the whole truth.

I’ve commented below in response to David, who I have no reason to have anything but vague admiration for, at this point, and will hopefully be offered a generous opportunity to make this right. ~ Waylon, ed.

David Regelin:

Asana [does not equal] yoga. You can be buff and have cool tattoos, doesn’t mean you know squat about yoga. Still, it’s a good start:

And here’s the Equinox Yoga video, in case you somehow missed it.

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Read 21 comments and reply

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