February 9, 2012

1,000,000 readers a month.

1,000,000 readers could be wrong, but they probably aren’t.

Big moment: after three years online, indie, not corporate-backed, we just passed 1,000,000 unique readers a month {Google Analytics}.

A goal I’ve been striving for for a few years. Next up: 10 million. Then, 35 million. Three years from now, we’ll buy News Corp.

Indie, benefit-focused media! Ki Ki, So So! Deep bow to all you readers, writers, volunteer editors. Please help us to improve over the next year.

~ Waylon Lewis

Actually, well over one million pageviews.

We’re talking one million unique readers a month, a technical, rather conservative term that means one million different computers. So if I click 100 articles a day, all month, I still only count as one reader. We specify Google Analytics ’cause a ton of sites hype their numbers, and that’s bad for business for those, like us, who really are gathering some critical mass.

Thanks to my mom. Thanks to Lindsey, for sticking with me when there was no good reason to do so. Thanks to Bob, and Jeff. And thanks to our writers, and editors, and sponsors and partners. And thanks to you. ~ ed.

Hurrah! 1,000,000 unique readers a month (Google Analytics)

We’re huge in Japan. (Actually, huge in CA, then NY, then CO & TX).

Does size matter?

Yes. Our mission is about getting the good word re “the mindful life”—yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, non new agey spirituality, the arts, active citizenship, ecofashion…beyond our core or choir and to the masses who didn’t know they gave a care.

No. If, like other sites (cough: Huffington!) one gets huge but loses connection with the anchor that is ones mission, and it’s all just blogs about Kim Kardashian and nip slips and there’s no constructive angle, there’s no point.

So we’re happy to say that thanks to our volunteer editors (and thanks to Bob Weisenberg, our Associate Publisher and Team Builder/Coach for gathering them), our consistency and quality are slowly improving even as our volume and reach expand.

Anyway, enough serious talk: clinkclink, cheers!


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