February 15, 2012

A Creative Way to Show Your Love.

My ’80s love note.

This past weekend I attended a conference called Romance – Back to Basics by Kathy Dawson. Kathy is an author of several books and a remarkable relationship coach located in the Cleveland area. I was inspired to come up with a new gift idea while attending this conference.

There was a couple who attended the conference who showed off a large love note. It was a love note created with a combination of words and candy bars. I was reminded of using the same idea to ask someone out on a date when I was 16 years old.

I used this same concept with a musical twist. I called it My ’80s Love Note Game. What I did is take top 50 love songs from the 1980s and crafted a letter to my wife using only the titles of those love songs. I ended up using a total of 37 songs for my letter.

Here’s the actual letter:

Hello, Sweet Child O’ Mine,

Against All Odds, Tonight I celebrate My Love for you. You Take My Breath Away. Time After Time, I am reminded that Heaven is a Place on Earth with you. Many occasions you’ve said to me, “Hold Me Now”, and in that moment I felt like I Melt With You, and Died in Your Arms with that embrace.

I Remember You saying to me “I Want to Know What Love Is”, while requesting some Sexual Healing when it felt like we were living Separate Lives. No One Is to Blame was the message we to took with us, and chalked our experiences up to Lessons in Love. With Open Arms, and One More Night, we gave it One More Try.

In Your Eyes I could see the Endless Love, and in Every Breath You Take, I knew that this was No Ordinary Love. Nothing Compares 2 U, Sweet Love!

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now! I promise to keep Giving You the Best That I Got. With Hands to Heaven, I’ll Keep On Loving You as my True Colors show through. You’re the Inspiration in my life, and the Wind Beneath My Wings, helping to take us Up Where We Belong; Home Sweet Home.

I give you my heart and these Lovesongs.

Always and Forever,

Faithfully yours,


I inserted the letter in the front cover of a blank CD case. I burned the individual tracks on a couple of CDs, enclosed a photo of the both of us towards the back and listed the songs on the back cover. I then covered up the names of the songs and artists on the back cover with another list containing the rules of my game.

The game itself is pretty simple. There are corresponding prizes depending on how many artists she names correctly.

Guess the name of the artist and win a surprise:

3 correct answers = a hug

6 correct answers = a hug and Kiss

9 correct answers = hug, kiss, and back rub

12 correct answers = hug, kiss, back rub and XXX 

Good luck!

This is one idea you can use for any occasion.

I hope it inspires some new creative ways for you to express your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Editor: Andrea B.



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