February 2, 2012

Easy Cures for Life’s Little Problems.

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Crazy cures for life’s little problems.

Problem getting your man to share? After he speaks count to 11 in your head slowly. 9 times out of 10 a man will start to speak again. It’s not that they don’t share with us; we often don’t give them a chance to finish their thoughts since we’re used to bantering with our girlfriends at a rapid pace.

Can’t afford a facial peel? This is my all time favorite get the glow tip!  Juice one lemon, mix the juice with enough white sugar (organic please) to make a paste. Scrub your face with a washcloth or cotton pad soaked with this mixture. You will not only glow but it tastes like lemonade and will remove a layer of dead (read dull!) skin cells and start to lighten age spots.

Lemon and sugar not your thing? Puree some fresh pineapple and spread all over your face. Pineapple contains natural bromelain a natural enzyme found in many professional strength peels. While you’re laying there stripping off the years, put some cucumber slices on your eyes. It really does work for puffiness.

Feeling puffy other places? Drink some watermelon, celery OR cucumber juice. All 3 are natural diuretics.

Peppermint oil will send ants running from your home. Dribble a line of pure peppermint oil around doorways, windows and other points of entry and you’ll see them scramble OUT and not return!


Feel a migraine coming on? The minute you feel those familiar symptoms, put peppermint oil behind your ears, on your temples and the back of your neck. Also, sit with your spine straight and breath deeply from the base of your spine to the top of your head and back down again. Make sure your neck is aligned with the rest of your body.

Can’t sleep at night? Put a pillow on your belly. There is something about a slight weight on your stomach that relaxes your nervous system.

Can’t seem to get rid of the sticky residue left behind when you remove a price tag? Use pure orange oil. It comes right off and leaves a wonderful smell.

Morning coffee grinds? Sprinkle them around your garden to keep your cat out. Cats hate the smell of coffee grinds.

Dry hair? Everytime you use body or hand lotion, run your hands through the ends of your hair. I’ve been doing this for a few months and can see a major difference in my hair. Lotion (organic please) is made of many ingredients found in hair smoothing and conditioning products, just remember to stay away from your scalp.

Tooth whitener that really works? Bite into a few fresh strawberries. Don’t cut them up, bite into them! Those tiny seeds are natural tooth whiteners that really work.

Got mold? Don’t waste your time with expensive cleaners. Dilute some bleach in a spray bottle and spray on the mold. Watch it disappear before your eyes. If it doesn’t, make the solution stronger. Be sure to label that bottle BLEACH so no one thinks it’s water!

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a bath with a few cups of sea salt and a few drops of lavender oil. Sea salt removes energy and resets your body while lavender oil calms your nervous system. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Sore and achy muscles? Before you reach for an aspirin, take a shot of liquid minerals. Muscles relax when you take minerals and you’ll feel a calming all over your body.

Want to woo your woman into a romantic state? Give her an old fashioned make out session once in a while and don’t try to make it go anywhere else. Sometimes women don’t relax and really kiss their mates because they’re conditioned that kissing=more. Get them used to just kissing randomly and you’ll find they relax into each moment vs tensing up and telling you “i’m too busy”, besides you just never know where that moment may go! Many women get so busy in their daily lives that they have a hard time relaxing into affection if they don’t feel they have time for the whole whammy in that snippet of time.

Take your electric toothbrush apart and stick it in the dishwasher. Do a before and after peek and you’ll never question this idea again!

Old fashioned WD40 removes gum, crayon marks on walls, play dough from hair, keeps clay from sticking to garden tools and prevents rust.

How to keep your car windows and bathroom mirror from fogging up? Buy some shaving cream containing menthol. Spread it on, wipe it off. It works.

Sometimes the phrase “i’m really sorry i hurt you” is all anyone needs to hear for a heart to open again; and when you have an open heart, life’s little problems don’t matter all that much do they?



~strawberry photo by pixomar, mint by Michelle Meiklejohn, art and garden by Simon Howden, tile by Suat Eman,orange by M_bartosh, shaving by DJCodrin. All photos from freedigitalphotos.com

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