February 4, 2012

Girl Meets Boy. {film}

And it’s cold outside & they stay home all day & watch movies.



Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.

~ Robert McKee


Say I was a girl and say I met a boy and say we liked each other like it’s 2012 and the calendar is coming to an end and our missing cat just returned. And say today felt like a Saturday and we could take a break from all the spinning & losing & winning. And wake up with nothing else to do but stay home under blankets, eat green fast food & light all kinds of fire…

Here are 10 mostly-indie, recent, must-see films we’d watch if it were up to me; and it will be if you just give me ten minutes.




This is where it starts, when we’re still ghosts who don’t have much of a body but only scattered, inkless words and a little bit of winter soul.



This is where we finally meet and all is black & white & speechless, like the snow outside.



This is where it turns epic and colorful but before it does, he makes more popcorn and I blend up some green smoothies; and then we stretch and do a few unspeakable things.



This is where we laugh ‘til our abs hurt (even if it’s not funny).



This is where real life walks in unexpectedly and it’s hard and unscripted and we don’t speak French and the subtitles are too fast to read.



This is where it’s time to play & turn up the body volume because nothing else makes sense and the dog really needs to go for a walk.



This is where we remember when it started to hurt and why we love bikes and that we all die alone and no one really knows what it’s like to be you.



This is where we start growing old and we decide to save our love letters and sepia photographs in the basement; so that our great-granddaughter can find them 50 years later and turn them into a movie or a book or both.



This is where we feel like life has taught us something after all; and also that we’ve learned nothing yet.



And this is where the world ends…



Or does it?


Stories don’t have a middle or an end anymore. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.

~ Steven Spielberg



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