February 16, 2012

I heart me.

I share this with you because I think it’s important. I share this with you because too many people use the words “I love you” when what they really mean is “Do you love me?”

There is so much emphasis on what love is supposed to look like: how we are supposed to be when in love and the belief that one cannot be whole unless one has somebody to love. That usually gets translated into “I have to find a mate.”

Here’s the thing with that thought process from my perspective only of course.

If you look externally for love without doing the internal work you will never find the person you are looking for. If you aren’t content with who you are how can somebody else make you feel content? If you don’t believe it when somebody says to you “you are stunning. You are a goddess in my world” how will you ever be able to receive that gift being offered to you?

Here’s a really powerful exercise to do.

Find a full length mirror and take a look at the reflection. Standing right there in front of you with arms stretched open is you…plain and simple..complex and deep..moved and moving…loved and loving…perfectly imperfect. Have you ever taken the time to acknowledge yourSELF? Do you ever reflect on your beauty?

There is a cultural pull that may cause people to say that it’s vain to speak about your beauty. That is not what this is and don’t confuse the two.

What you are doing when you stand in front of the mirror is acknowledging yourself: you are giving yourself permission to notice your beauty.

Get comfortable with this exercise. If you have to practise more than once a day then do so. It’s important to accept deeply and from your heart that you are a goddess and you shine like the brightest star on Earth.


Trusting in yourSELF: in your knowing: in your wisdom is the greatest gift you can give to you and to those you share this Earth with.

Say it with me now ” I heart me” and really accept that it’s true.

Make it your mantra: first thing you say every morning and last thing you say every night..”I heart me.”

I bet you’ll notice your life begins to shift when you open up your heart to the brilliant YOU!

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