Is Anyone Else Obsessed with Lana Del Rey? ~ Lisa Avebury

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on Feb 12, 2012
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I only recently was introduced to Lana Del Rey.

This was by way of her song “Video Games”. I don’t keep up on pop music. When I did hear the song it had a odd, haunting effect on me. I can count the number of times I’ve played a video game in my life on two hands. Generally any song entitled in this way would cause me to assume not for me. I don’t remember how I was led to view the video.

All I know is something in that song struck a cord in me. I could relate.

Upon first listening to her release “Born to Die” I was intrigued by the maudlin irony of many of the songs and her voice. Almost speaking at times and others almost childlike. There seemed to be something she was trying to reveal. I wanted to hear more.

She also polarizes people. I watched her Saturday Night Live appearance online. From a performance art standpoint I felt what she did worked. Yes, she was obviously nervous but that only made her more appealing, more real. Everything old is new again and she reminds me of a chanteuse twice her age. A fully formed package aware of what she is putting out there. Willing to lay it out.

My all time favorite musician and artist is Nick Cave. He also has a habit of polarizing people. I think that is why I admire him. He seems to care little what anyone thinks. I aspire to be more like that.

So Lana Del Rey I applaud you. I do this for your courage to put yourself out there. You may stick around or maybe you will be a flash in the pan. But thanks for being original in a sea of pop mediocrity.


Lisa Avebury lives in Los Angeles transplanted from NYC, is a bodyworker, healer and globe trotter who loves hanging out in stone circles, spending quality time with her dog, Douglas Fur,  and sometimes just cleaning the bathtub to a brilliant shine!  You can find her at


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4 Responses to “Is Anyone Else Obsessed with Lana Del Rey? ~ Lisa Avebury”

  1. Johnwill says:

    One of the most talented newcomers of (2011) 2012. She really deserves all the attention and hype at the moment. Born To Die is a classic album. More Lana on:

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes! Love it so much and have shared with many!

  3. obsessed LDR FAN says:

    I feel the same but I think I have took it to another level I'm am totally obsessed with Lana del rey her songs her style her personality just everything I love about her Omg she's so amazing I daily search YouTube for her new videos / songs interviews anything that has Lana in on YouTube definitely has a like from me and I mean I actually search her videos and as soon as it starts I click the like button I have to show my support …. I am actually glad she lives in America because I'm in the UK and nd I was over there I could honestly say I would stalk her and the best of it is I AM FEMALE I am so lesbian for lana !!
    People will properly say I need to get out more but believe me I have a normal life just with Lana at the centre of it !!

  4. anna says:

    im obsessed with her too. But im not straight but I just admire her and love her! so much she makes me cry with her videos ive never had sum1 have so much of an effect on me….