Letter: Group of Senior Teachers meet with John Friend, Anusara Yoga restructured.

Via elephant journal
on Feb 10, 2012
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This has already been posted on a blog, so we’re sharing this in the spirit of knowing where this unfolding situation is heading. ~ ed.

Edit: the blog is Bay Shakti, here’s the link. We didn’t receive it from them, or would have been happy to share the link love to begin with. ~ ed.


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57 Responses to “Letter: Group of Senior Teachers meet with John Friend, Anusara Yoga restructured.”

  1. matt says:

    Anusara is going to be just fine. It is as popular and strong a movement that it is for a reason. It's not just John's charisma, or the charisma of any single teacher for that matter. It's because of the community, the participants, the family. A family doesn't fall apart because everyone finds out that Grandpa's a perve. They just keep a closer eye on him around the kids. This organization will not only survive, it will thrive. At it's core, the principles and philosophy are sound and life affirming for those who choose to implement them into their practice. And that's what yoga is all about, isn't it? One's personal practice. One's own personal experience. The embodiment of those principles and practices that lead to a fuller, deeper experience of the beauty and the mystery of life. Namaste <3

  2. Grace says:

    To Mike G and any others who say John Friend's sex life is "no one's business except for the participants". I would agree with you if it were not for the fact that it is against the Anusara code of ethics to engage in a sexual relationship with a student, a code John helped write, a code he preached, and a code that other teachers were held to (and punished for violating). There are very good reasons for such a code, chief among them: the power differential between a teacher and a student. Imagine then how that differential is magnified when you are the charismatic leader of a huge movement claiming spiritual underpinnings.

    John is a public figure who has violated his own code of ethics. While other teachers may have paid for their transgressions more privately, John has opened himself to scrutiny, has reaped many benefits of his public life, and therefore will pay for his transgressions publicly. I don't condone a public crucifixion. I do think it is reasonable to expect him to make a public apology, do his best to atone for his bad behavior with those who placed their trust in him, and work to restore that trust.

    I also think it is inevitable that Anusara become a more democratic organization. Clearly it has grown far too big for one man to helm alone. At the heart of Anusara is the teaching "Open to Grace". I would argue that what John and Anusara as a whole are experiencing right now is a monumental and fierce opening.

    Grace is not always pleasant or kind.

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  4. guest says:

    Brilliant, Matt. Sane, rational, down to earth. Thank you for writing something positive, unhysterical and infused with light.
    In my darkest times, I have found the most growth – I hope this happens to John, to Anusara, to commentators on all sides, to Anusara teachers who stay, and those who leave. To the pissed off guy who decided this was the way to express his anger at John.
    When I think of times when I made pretty bad choices and hurt people, what I had was community and friendship and support. Compassion means a lot. May all beings be peaceful.
    Thanks again Matt!

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