February 20, 2012

Louis CK: “Girls” vs. “Women.”

Do you generally use the word “girl” or “woman” to describe an adult female?

Is the distinction important to you? I know the feminist consensus is something like “everyone over age 12 should be referred to as a woman.” I tend to say girl most of the time if I’m talking about myself or close friends. I was 12 a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Still, sometimes I feel like “woman” just sounds so mature and serious. Lady…hmmm. Maybe. Depends on whether it’s used as “She’s such a lady,” or “Listen here, lady!” Chick. Babe. Dame. Broad. Lots-of-other-nice-and-not-so-nice-words. I turn 36 next month. I think it’s time to graduate to “woman.”

Especially after listening to Louis CK on the subject:

{NSFW language}

Relephant and super-fun:





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Read 11 comments and reply

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