February 21, 2012

Love Is. ~ Dr. Indu Arora

I do not know what is Valentine’s Day but I know: Love IS.


Love IS, how can Love be WAS! That is my inquiry, question and thought.

Love is eternal, endless, ever-flowing, without a beginning and without an end.


It is the purest of thought, purest of emotions and purest of sensation that one can possibly experience at any level of awareness. The more we try to comprehend, cognize, and limit it the more we take away the essence of it.


If Love is eternal and never ending then what are break-ups after LOVE? How do I comprehend this after my understanding of Love? How do I comprehend a DAY dedicated to LOVE…binding such pure light, such pure sound in “A DAY”?


Love Is, Was and Shall be….


I am not against celebrations; I just do not agree to the limitations that we often create by associating it to just one day in human life. I am not against the expression of it, I feel that we lose the essence, the ambrosia, the nectar when we try to put words for such a subtle reality.


I have heard of this saying, “Love is in the AIR”. I completely agree to it, but I would add that Love is in the Earth, Love is in the Water, Love is in the Fire, Love is in the Ether, why just AIR. Why we do not include everything as Love?


Love is just a vibration and it can exist at any level from gross to subtlest, our level of awareness is the only limitation, the only veil and the only boundary.


Love is freedom but the same love can become a shackle. How can love become a shackle? In love, it is always about the person you love and not about me or I. The moment the “I” in “ME” dissolves the words like sacrifice, compromise, adjustment become just one phrase, “ALL FOR LOVE” and it is not even a choice you make, it is only natural.


I feel that the only thing required for learning anything in the world is Love. I feel that Love teaches all. One can read about the grandeur of true love in Sufi compositions, in work of the poets, in the philosophies of the philosophers.


Such true love IS….

(prepared by Jill Barth)


Dr. Arora is a multi-faceted personality, an expert in the field of Therapeutic Yoga, Medicine Herbalism & Naturopath and Alternate Medicine. The primary focus of her teaching is to apply a holistic approach to heal her clients through a combination of Therapeutic Yoga, Diverse Meditation techniques, Bach Flower remedies, Acupressure, Reflexology, Magnetic Therapy, Naturopathy, Reiki, ESP, Herbal/ Kitchen remedies, Mantra and Mudras.

She lives in Boston and keeps her interest live in singing, dancing, painting, writing poems and making sculptures.

Visit her at Yog Sadhna.

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