February 17, 2012

“My comment didn’t go through, elephant. Why?!”

Above, Treehugger.com’s comment system. Like Treehugger, we offer a (barely) moderated comment forum. We will at any time delete disrespectful comments, especially if anonymous. That said, thoughtful criticism is more than welcome—part of our mission—there are 100s of critical comments on various blogs just in the last week. ~ ed.

Be Nice or Else.

Today, a reader emailed and asked…


I recently posted a commnet twice in response to a story and both times it failed to show up.  Am I being blocked?  If so, why.  I am posting under the name [  <>   ].

Thank you.


Another reader emailed wondering if he’d been blocked. He sent me his comment that had failed to post, twice, and it was….long.

My reply, today:

Was it a super-long comment? If so our comment system blocks automatically, god knows why. If not, send us your IP address and we can unblock. We do block rude comments, though criticism is great and welcome, part of our mission is respectful dialogue among those who might not agree.

Know that elephant is here to support real dialogue among those who may disagree. Too many of us only learn from and talk to those who already agree with us. We’re here to open silos or communities up to one another, and create real peace, not further impersonal aggression.

Are you unable to get your comment through? Reach out: waylonatelephantjournaldotcom.

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Read 11 comments and reply

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