President Obama just nailed the Blues vote.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 21, 2012
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President Obama sings Sweet Home Chicago.

Damn. Ahahahahahah / Awesome. “You can do it!”

President Obama accepts Buddy Guy’s challenge to sing a verse of “Sweet Home Chicago” at tonight’s East Room blues concert.

A little tentative at first…then brings it back and nails it with the last line.

“Blues night at the White House, February 21, 2012. See the full concert on PBS on February 27.

He lifted America out of a Republican-induced depression.

250,000 new jobs in January 2012.

He saw to it that bin Laden was eliminated.

He rescued the auto industry – which is now booming, like never before.

After the catastrophe of the Bush/Republican years, America is loved and respected again.

And he sings.

I mean, jeez.

Four more years!!”




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