February 15, 2012

Seven Ways We Make Excuses & How to Move Beyond Them. ~ Hector V. Barrientos-Bullock

Emily Boyd

I’m not sure who Amanda Mahde is or how we’re connected, but this passed my eyes a bit ago. Always a reason. I feel the need to move it forward too. Maybe there’s a reason for that. I recommend it highly. She makes a lot of sense. ~ Hector Virgilio Barrientos-Bullock

“Some things I have been chewing on, in light of recent conversations and life events.

1. Words without action are like bodies without a pulse: heavy, useless, and cold. Don’t say things you don’t mean. Ever. Yeah we say things when we are drunk, when we are angry, but if you find yourself in the situation of giving your words an excuse it’s because you know they don’t really represent you. So just don’t say things you have to spend more words explaining away later. Be bigger than that.

2. If you are good enough with words, you can make a sound argument for anything. This is not an excuse to make as*hole decisions just because you know you can make yourself seem justified, or worse, enlightened.

3. Quit blaming poor decisions on karma. “I know I am committed but I could not resist him/her! We have such a deep karmic connection!” Yeah well being tuned into your karmic history just destroyed your family and some chode with a chakra tattoo told you it’s ok because you are following your own truth. Stop using the guise of spiritual enlightenment to be the destroyer of hope and the nourisher of mental decay.

4. Stop saying that man is a sexual being. Yes, this is true, but man is also a spiritual being, an intelligent being, and a loving being. Let’s *please* realize we have the freedom to move past the need to screw everything that moves. It’s gross.

5. Don’t use ‘being human’ as an excuse for sucking. “Gah, I know I ran over that puppy and knocked that flock of nuns down while running after the ice cream truck but it was hot and I was hungry! Jeez, I am human!” Human beings are equipped with systems that send information to a control center that fires off commands at split second rates. It’s kind of insulting to our design to make it the excuse for being awful.

Joseph Paquette

6. People make mistakes. We all make terrible choices, statements, and offenses at times in our lives. The only retribution for these moments, and for the people we affect in these moments, is to speak to these moments for what they are. Lay them bare. Recognize and respect the darkness within ourselves so that we can make those moments right, and choose to allow the good in us to rule our choices, decisions and words. Never write off a bad choice you have made as acceptable, a lesson teacher yes, but not right. Think of a mother sweeping in to pick up her child whose been shoved on the playground. Being knocked down doesn’t become right by safe harbor in arms, but it reverses the energy. Being enveloped by love is the right. The wrong still exists. Mistakes can be righted by changing the course of our decision making, not making excuses for as*hole moves.

 7. Unconditional love is not defined by accepting someone no matter what they do to you. Unconditional love is defined by choosing love, no matter what your condition. Regardless of whether you are drunk and that guy/gal is hot. Regardless of whether you are angry and convinced you are justified. Regardless of how easy it might be to get away with it.”


Hector Barrientos-Bullock began his foray into Buddhism, Taoism, and Brahman(ism) at the age of 16 after reading revelations and realizing fear was not what he felt a religion should be based upon. He joined the US Navy JUST so he could go to Japan and fulfilled that wish on his first tour, allowing him to visit Buddhist temples in Hong Kong, Kamakura, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. He works as a government contract accountant (sporadically) with plans to travel the world in the next year or two. He’s a “Burner”, a novice poi spinner and hoop dancer, has a passion for Jaguars, MINIs. British Motorcycles, learning languages to communicate with more people, and is constantly told he is an amazing dancer (so it MUST be true.) He continues self study in Buddhism, mostly living the Dharma rather than misunderstood dogma, and his two cats think he is the biggest cat they have ever seen.

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