Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 1, 2012
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Sorry, we know the meme is dead, but I think it’s a zombie meme, even more awesome after it’s been overdone.

I want to marry one of these Crunchy Mamas…save me a lot of reading about crazy health stuff, get crazy healthy happy child, bam.

Bonus: Coolest Dad Ever. Written by natural mamas just like YOU. Inspired by “Shit Girls Say” and “Shit New Age Girls Say.”

Written by
Genevieve MamaNatural
Michael PapaNatural
Theresa Armstrong
Laura Dunn
Jennifer Cook Obergfell
Christine Cortes
Kendra Mason Purcell ‎
Krystie Wood
Abbey Byrd
Lindsey Harrington Parks
Jenny Sarafin
Angela Elliott
Robinmarie Vabolis
Katherine Georgetti Dragonrider Morel

Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say includes:
Sorry I smell like garlic, I’m trying to kick this cold.
Who was your doula?
Are you going to the chicken pox party?
I love the amber teething necklace!
Wanna carpool to the nurse-in?
You use regular deodorant?
I might eat the placenta, I might not.
48 hour water birth. Yes it hurt like hell.
We don’t have a crib?
Two Words: Big Pharma. Vaccine injury. Baby wise. Elective c-section.
Facebook took down another one of my breastfeeding pictures!
We chose not to mutilate his genitals.
Does this baby carrier show off my back fat?
It’s called The Business of Being Born.


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14 Responses to “Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say.”

  1. Starre Vartan says:

    Haha, some things never change. I was raised by a natural (grand)ma. I totally got chickenpox at a chickenpox party! No kids for me though – it's a full time job raising a kid well, and there are about a zillion other things I want to do with my time on this earth. But kudos to those parents who make the time and take the effort to do it right and raise healthy kids – I'm so grateful to have been brought up this way!

  2. OMG this is awesome! Although, no self respecting crunchy mama would be relegated to pumping or breast feeding in a bathroom stall…I once breastfed Finn in the stands at a Rockies game. Spir-u-lina!

  3. Joe Elliott says:

    Love the folks at Mama Natural. This clip was created in true democratic style…

  4. Jessie says:

    Funny!!!! I hope I haven't actually said many of these things out loud….. but I certainly relate!

  5. Justin says:

    No kids for me though […] there are about a zillion other things I want to do with my time on this earth.

    Who up-voted that crap?

  6. Starre Vartan says:

    Um, ok…what’s so wring with knowing that you don’t have the skills or interest to be a good parent? I know what it takes and I’m not capable, nor is it something I want to do. How is that crap?

  7. inpursuitofmore says:

    I love this! OMG – is this me? Or my Granola mom. Thank you for postng this!! Hilarious.

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  11. Remedios Orgovan says:

    We have also had (and used) the Baby Bjorn, the Moby wrap, and a sling. The Bjorn was better for when my son was 1-3 months because it is smaller than the Ergo, and now that he is 6 months old it is better for when he really wants to face forward.

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