February 2, 2012

The Romney Glitterbomb. {Video}

Super-proud to be from Minnesota today.

Simply fabulous.

They chanted, “The 1% pays for hate; you’re not welcome in our state.”

In fact this is a silly thing to say, since MN is home to a multitude of our most ginormous corporations.

However, I dig the sentiment, and am downright giddy to discover that this action is hardly unprecedented. As recently as May 18, 2011, current fellow “frontrunner” (ha!) Newt Gingrich got glittered at a book-signing. Observe:

Same thing happened to Bachmann:

Hilarious. MN Pride!

Seems to me, LGBT rights are the unfinished business of the Civil Rights movement, and there is plenty of evidence that progress is inevitable.

Meanwhile, getting all furious about the banal intolerance of these over-promoted people is equally idiotic; is in fact, exactly what They hope for and feed off of. These GOP jokers, plus the mostly complicit DNC’ers, are bought and sold so many times over they don’t know how to get home without a hired driver. It’s a sick joke, and I get the distinct sense that it’s nearly over.

As ARCreated suggests in the comments below, glitter is a family-friendly weapon. Of no threat, no matter who your family is composed of. See how Romney went on with his speech? His haircut glittering in the flood lights? He was totally fine, unflinching, well-trained to condescendingly wave Hello to the glitterati while remaining rigidly immune from any authentic engagement whatsoever.

Courtesy of The Human Rights Campaign

Though I wonder if his mind was in any way occupied by the terror of spontaneity, by a deep-seeded fear of playfulness and freedom. I mean, what is this country coming to when people can just walk around with glitter in their pockets? I wonder if he is at all worried about the mass uprisings, which are both imminent and in progress, demanding a redress of grievances too-long imposed upon the global population, including but not limited to: prolonged, unnecessary warfare, artificial famine, financial tyranny, and mass manipulation of education and media outlets. I believe I see something in his forced, dry smile that suggests he knows the precariousness of his position as a .01%-er.

Let’s be clear: the Occupy movement is not about the 99%, or even the 99.9%. Essentially, the revolution is Love. We are the 100%. So relax, Romney, that includes you. We simply need to see you fess up to your elaborate, despicable chicanery, and then we can talk about amnesty, or at least arrange a well-guarded retirement home for you and all your pals.

Get it?

Watch: soon glitter will be illegal. Anyone possessing glitter will be indefinitely detained. (Ha!) But… but… what will happen to all the kindergartners on this planet, our home, who only hope to magically decorate the paper unicorns they’ve just now colored in? How will they learn how to glue so as to show how the sun’s scattered rays zig round, looking like a sparkly zoom, most of which is ultimately shaken off?

Meanwhile, authentic glee is irrepressible. Happy abandon allows us to throw our head back and laugh at the sky, so why not shake the man’s hand and simultaneously slap him with glitter? What’s he honestly gonna do?

Thank you OccupyMNTV and RobertErickson1 for the videos.

Please continue observing this space for more as this story develops… (Ha!)

And in the meantime do comment with any/all questions, concerns or enthusiasm!

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