February 14, 2012

This is worth re-sharing today.

Given Chris Brown’s starring appearance and take-home victory at the 2012 Grammy Awards, I thought it only proper to share this (from that night):

Love her.

And, this. If you read one thing, let it be this.

Jay-Z would agree.

If you read two things, this here’s a gut-check. Horrifying.

And, watch this. If you watch one thing about this, let it be this:


And, this:

From Reddit, where there’s a thousand great comments. Did I say 1000? About 5000 over the last 24 hours:

I’m just curious. The dude beat Rihanna, and he’s still getting marketed like he’s the king of modern day R&B? Does his record company or his fans care at all about what he did? It’s even dumbfounding to me that the Grammys let him perform.

For his fans, especially female I guess, why do you still like the guy?

There’s one from another perspective that, to be fair, deserves sharing:

“It’s really sad that these girls represent the group of people who support him. Because I support him and I don’t condone what he did. But also don’t see the point in busting his balls about it for 3 years straight when he DID apologize to her and the world (and he didn’t owe the world a DAMN THING), he did do his community service, he did take backlash from the whole entire world…I’m not saying condone it, but let him live for God’s sake. The man is nothing but positive. A positive 22 year old kid with a future ahead of him. Rihanna is over it. She forgave him. She likes his music. She wished him the best. So why the hell are so many of you still upset when the actual victim is over it? No one is proud of what he did, his SANE fans are just happy he’s making music again. Jesus. I get so tired of this bullshit. It’s been three years. Fuck all the good you do in the world, you mess up once and that’s all everyone remembers you for. No one is perfect, but shit…you’d swear every mofo in here was by the comments.”


If all that’s not enough, read this.

Now, that’s enough of that.

Let’s be good people, shall we? If we can’t be good all the time, and none of us can, let’s try to be better and wake up and come back to being good as fast as we can?

Let’s all keep this issue alive, and learn, together, to begin to find the answer to how to end Domestic Violence.

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