Why Men & Women Can’t Be Friends.

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I especially love how the man stuffing his face and talking with a mouth full of food has the opinion that it’s due to physical attraction. This was obviously not seriously done but I think it could spark a nice debate.  Assuming the video wasn’t edited to look this way, it’s interesting that both sexes had total opposite answers.

My answer is YES I think men and women can be just friends. I know plenty of men that have solid relationships, friendships with women. I’m married-off the market-and I have male friends.

Bonus: Just so we have a wide array of opinions….

So what do you think? Can men and women just be friends??


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3 Responses to “Why Men & Women Can’t Be Friends.”

  1. The fact is that, whatever garbage people like the guy in the video want to come up with, lots of men and women ARE friends. People who are incapable of having such friendships should simply acknowledge and maybe try to work on their own inadequacies instead of trying to turn them into ridiculous generalizations about the rest of humanity.

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  3. West says:

    “In general”, men and women in their teens-30s CANNOT be just friends. The sexual tension between both sexes is just too strong and emotionally very few can handle the pressure. Once in their late-30s it is much easier for men and women to be “just friends”. There are always exceptions to the rule, but that is why it is called a rule.

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