March 24, 2012

A Spring New Moon.

Photo: Frank Burns

I’ve been observing how people write more and more about enlightenment, yoga, meditation, food, family and good politics.

I remember the resistance some of us used to get whenever we touched these kinds of topics.

“The spirit” debate made many uncomfortable and it certainly was not “table talk,” unless it was in the middle of a Star Wars conversation. Today “the force” seems to be “the talk.” Books, T.V. shows, magazines—even marketing—are using the “higher self” as a communication medium.

As all intelligent people understand, the media makes soup with people’s hopes and fears, and also plays a huge part in the molding of generations, trends and emotional growth, bringing chaos to order…so order can be set again.

The big puppeteers spread their ambitions through the masses and all the community can do is either be part of the production, or pray that those in control are in tune with the elements of true enlightenment, in sync with its universal values, and of service to humankind.

We hope and we fear, but our only effective action belongs to the “Self.” It is what we say, what we think, and what we do individually that really matters to our own evolution.

First, I make a choice so I can take a chance to consciously surf change. Ideally our words, our thoughts, and our actions are one and the same, so the integrity of our manifestation into the world is clear.

Clarity is where it’s at. When I am clear, no layers of dysfunctional behavior take over and my reality becomes truthful—and “truth lasts for a hundred years.” Then I am trustworthy, and the confidence to be me overcomes all obstacles. No judgement or expectations play a part in the story. When I am clear and truthful it really does not matter what I think or expect. It is just what it is. Things are just what they are. Now I can steer my life boat in perfect tandem with my “spirit.”

So, yes, it is wonderful to see how much everyone cares now about talking “green,” about been a “yogi,” about becoming a “healer,” about “walking the talk,” about “manifesting your quantum leap.” It is nice to see that after centuries “you are what you eat” is taking a stand in our children’s education. How great that “sex” is becoming a “tantra” and the lover’s journey to the soul. How amazing that politics are realizing the power of “hope” if not at the very least in its “word vibrational force.” How beautiful that musicians are writing music again within the “sphere,” paying attention to its vibrational properties of frequency in sound and directing it towards healing and awareness of being. How wonderful is to see mothers carrying their child, feeding them breast milk instead of corn syrup formula, keeping them close to the heart to nurture their future nurturing of this Earth, staying at home instead of losing themselves in the game of “identity.” It is nice to see men caring for their “pack” and embracing again the concept of family because “family is the foundation of society.”

So when I open elephant and I read all levels of awareness, all kinds of debates, all sorts of people trying to change the world with the certainty that they have found the “absolute truth” about whatever topic is been discussed, I remind myself that nothing in the universe is “absolute” and everything is relative to everything else.

I pray to stay humble, so my own opinions stay still as they change with nature. I remind myself that we are one universe, that I live in planet Earth and that I am…changing.

May all beings be happy.



Editor: Brianna Bemel

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Read 4 comments and reply

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