Adorable Elephant Moment of the Day. {Video}

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Mar 8, 2012
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What’s better than watching elephants play?

{Watching elephants play set to music}

 Either of these are good on their own. But like most things in life, put two good things together and you get something more wonderful than either was on its own. From me to you, a little sunshine:

Press play:



And then…


Press play:



{Thanks to The Daily What}


(If it wasn’t enough, there’s more and more adorable to go around).


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3 Responses to “Adorable Elephant Moment of the Day. {Video}”

  1. Yogini says:

    Well, this is just so sad. Why are they in a concrete enclosure? They should be in their natural habitat 🙁

  2. I agree with you on the concrete, but I'd rather see them safe than being poached or mistreated too. I love what the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee does—they rescue elephants that the circuses have mistreated and have a suitable habitat for them to live in.

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