March 2, 2012

adventus absurdus—on Video. Poetry as Sermon.

Sometimes God speaks through poems.

This poem was posted as a blog on elephant in December and was quite popular.
Here’s a video of me reading it at at worship service held at CU’s Wesley Chapel in Boulder, CO.
I hope you like it.


Not the best camera angle (an audience member filmed it on a FlipCam), but it gets the point across I think.

Here’s a clip of me being interviewed after distributing water, juice, and snacks to protestors and police officers at an Occupy Denver event last fall.

The poem was inspired by events at the end of last year. My prayer is that fervor and passion for engaging our spirituality, embodying our faith, and pursuing justice will be a part of this year too.




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Sharie Barickman Mar 17, 2012 11:06pm

Sounds like more than a few posters love sex offenders. During the vetting process its a very simple clause to ask if the person submitting the application has ever been convicted of a felony. They are not protected under the Fair housing Act. You can refuse the app on that alone. Sex offenders are and should be considered the lowest rung on the ladder and I am not paying to live with them. I am not going to expose my grandchildren to them. If I am paying dues and an association fee ? I’ll be damed if I am gonna live with them and the association had better understand that. For a couple of the posters above? You sound like you have hidden agendas but you dont hide them very well. Let sex offenders move in with YOU GUYS.

Roger Wolsey Mar 15, 2012 8:57pm

re: the lyric in the poem "God is in that guy with the funny hat who handed that Fox news reporter his a$$…" see this video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJgWdfZqDj0&fe

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